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<_hyper_> I need to try something new, my sigil almost never seem to work <_hyper_> at least the ones to meet chicks <Arawyn> Get seidhways by Jan Fries. He's got some nice practices there Arawyn grins <Arawyn> In that case, turn to Zos. He created a servitor to bring him chicks and its working too good, or so he claims <_hyper_> gotta find something that I can do quietly, there's people that live here that would not be to pleased if they knew i liked magick <_hyper_> servitors can get chicks?

<_hyper_> I thought they were used like guard dogs or curses <Arawyn> Er no. I used them pretty much for everything up to now <_hyper_> I'll try that, what do i need?

<Arawyn> How do you usually create servitors?

<_hyper_> I've never tried servitors before <Arawyn> OK, do you have Phil Hines book Condensed Chaos?

<_hyper_> I have the computer version somewhere <Arawyn> Well, first you got to define the Intent. In your case "I want to find chicks" or whatever <_hyper_> k <Arawyn> This is going to be the core of the servitors purpose.

<Arawyn> Create a sigil of that statement, which is going to be either on the servitors material basis, his programming etc, whatever you want.

<Arawyn> You can then add some other symbols from other systems you may find appropriate. For example the rune Gebo (Sexual love)

<_hyper_> shouldn't it be something like I WILL find some chicks?

<Arawyn> For a sigil only yes.

<Arawyn> For a servitor more like "To find some NICE LOOKING chicks...<further instructions inserted>"

<Arawyn> Anyway, when you think you've completed your statement of intent and created a nice sigil of it, and perhaps a name for the servitor, you can go on creating it.

<Arawyn> The usual procedure is <Arawyn> Banishing <Arawyn> SoI <Arawyn> Lightning Flash Exercise or Vortex opening <Arawyn> Servitor Creation <Arawyn> Launch <Arawyn> Banishing <Arawyn> For banishing do whatever you see fit to do. I usually only assume the Chaosphere stadha <_hyper_> k, for the SoI that I make the sigil for, does that include all of the directions for the servitor <Arawyn> Can.

<_hyper_> for like 4-5 sentences it would have like all of the letters of the alphabet though?

<Arawyn> I usually only include the basics of what it has to do, but include it latter on in the programming of the servitor. I.e. after the general form is there. Then I form it into the sigil and add everything else it has to know about it's task.

<Arawyn> For example last year I created a multiple purpose servitor. The sigil consists of the line "MY WILL BE DONE" (In German though). The programming itself however was slightly longer and more specific (i.e. to what mantra it should react etc)

_hyper_ is now known as _hyper <_hyper> i think ill do this tonight <_hyper> hope I don't fuck it all up <Arawyn> You certainly can enhance the servitor with some older symbols. For lover/getting laid magick I'd recommend the runes Gebo, Thurisaz <_hyper> wont the sigil get to the point where its just a blob of ink from all the symbols i might want to add <Arawyn> Actually, if you create a physical basis, for example a stele, you can place the sigil as core in the centre and arrange additional symbols around it.

<_hyper> what's a stele?

Arawyn grins <Arawyn> Originally an Egyptian piece of art, with lots of hieroglyphs and paintings of people on it. AOS used that term frequently. He called some of his paintings so.

<Arawyn> Just get a sheet of paper, draw the sigil in the centre in a colour you associate with love or getting laid or whatever, and then add the other symbols around it.

<Arawyn> When you create the servitor, place it into the basis and program it with it.

_hyper changes topic to "Don't look now, but there is accully a conversation about chaos magick going on right now, wow."

<Arawyn> <Arawyn> There would be an example of a rite to create a servitor. It's a vampire servitor, so don't use it on those you want to live ;)

<_hyper> do you have a page with rune or symbol pics?

<Arawyn> Hang on <Arawyn> <_hyper> cool dood thanks <Arawyn> yer welcome <_hyper> I should get better results with this compared to sigils alone <_hyper> though I did get them to work with money, jut not people <Arawyn> You should, especially since you don't have to forget that you cast for what you desired <_hyper> I just afraid of doing any big workings, since i could scare all the people that live here and get kicked out <Arawyn> And if you have a room where you are alone and can lock wouldn't hurt. You don't have to shout the rite. Speaking mentally is often sufficient <_hyper> I should be able to do it as long as I don't have to be loud <Arawyn> How about some lonely woods?

<_hyper> its too cold still <_hyper> spring isn't till a few more months <_hyper> I cant stand the cold at all, it wouldn't be a good mental state to do this in <Arawyn> Could add a certain something to the rite though ;)

<_hyper> I don't see how hypothermia would aid in getting chicks <Arawyn> It could help to induce gnosis. Especially if you're using seething techniques.

<_hyper> I like the good feeling type of gnosis <_hyper> I think ill get my shit together today and do it either late tonight or tomorrow <_hyper> I could induce a seizure Arawyn grins <_hyper> but for a chick catching servitor I think orgasm might be best, maybe with hyperventilation <Arawyn> I guess so.

<_hyper> berserk rage with hate and pain might not be a good approach <Arawyn> Definitely not.

<Arawyn> Oh, and add some limitation. Zos forgot about it and he says he gets too many chicks at a time <_hyper> I wouldn't consider that a problem <Arawyn> he does <_hyper> too many chicks is like saying too much money <_hyper> ill take it into consideration <_hyper> can you reprogram servitors or do you have to start all over if things get fucked up <Arawyn> I recently reprogrammed my multiple purpose servitor while transferring it from its old material basis to its new one.
It's now an egregore. So I wouldn't actually consider it a problem <Arawyn> As long as you don't contradict its original purpose that is. It wouldn't be any good if you first create a healing servitor and then want to turn it into a death dealing one <_hyper> how do you go about doing that?

<_hyper> I meant mainly for fine tuning <Arawyn> In my case it was pretty easy. I got it out of the old base (lots of visualisation there), added new code and stored it in the new material <Arawyn> That should be even easier. Just call it forth, and say what you have to say to it. Work it into its core. With visualisation that's fairly easy.

<_hyper> can you make more than one servitor to do other things at the same time?

<Arawyn> Right now I got numerous around. And I'm shortly before creating a major egregore that is in command of 8 servitors, all to be created in one go.

<Arawyn> But they shouldn't cancel each other out.

<_hyper> what's an egregore?

<Arawyn> A more powerful version of a servitor. The "official" rank is servitor, then egregore, then godform.

<_hyper> I don't know if ill want to stop once i get started, ill make a fucking army <Arawyn> Servitors are used for more simple task that are too bothersome doing by sigils. Egregore are more independent, while godforms aren't usually created by one sole mage but by many.

<_hyper> spend like a month just doing this <Arawyn> lol <_hyper> how do you create a egregore, any different <_hyper> I have a tendency to push new things I try to see how far I can go with them <Arawyn> No not much. You just create it to be more independent and powerful <_hyper> think I should make one of those instead of a normal servitor?

<Arawyn> There and then successful servitors will get raised to egregores, or if used constantly become powerful enough to become on by themselves.

<Arawyn> Depends. If you want it to be freer and don't want to control it on all times (i.e. boss it around) you should go for an egregore <_hyper> can you lose control of them?

<Arawyn> could well happen. But then that could only happen to Godforms. Servitors and egregores usually get bound to the caster with a programming line <_hyper> dood I'm the kid in the candy store, I don't know what I want, but I want it to be the biggest baddest mother fucker I can make <Arawyn> I for example used in most of them "From me I created thee, to me thou art bound, to me thou shalt return when thou hast fulfilled thy task"

<_hyper> can a godform get knocked down to egregore <Arawyn> A god can loose its power over time when it looses believers.

<Arawyn> Ah <hyp> last thing I heard was you bounding line <Arawyn> You might also want to check out the Book of Zee. There ought to be something about egregores and servitors there <_hyper_> cool <_hyper_> which godform do you think has the most beleiveors?

<Arawyn> The xtian god would qualify, since he seems to be the same in Islam and Jewish religion.

<_hyper_> not to fond of that one <_hyper_> but most xtain believes also believe in Satan and he grants wishes =)

<Arawyn> But as it usually is, he has got lots of believers (or rather so called believers) that don't 4really believe into that bugger anymore. They are still in that religion but that god doesn't get their passion anymore and grows weaker. So that's a good thought ;)

<_hyper_> so should i get some sort of container or talisman for the servitor or just do it on paper <Arawyn> As you wish. If it's a servitor that should last longer, get a longer lasting material. If it's only for a small task that is soon done, use paper.



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