Servitor Construction: A Personal Approach

By J.D. Tindsley

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Warning!!!: The following represents a sketch of my personal1 approach to servitor construction. In it I talk about elemental and planetary energies, these are part of my personal belief system and you are under no obligation to accept them yourselves. The basics of servitor creation remain the same, the shaping and naming of the servitor, the building up of its energy form, and its awakening and directing to its target.

  1. Firstly decide upon the general purpose for which you are forming a servitor. For example this may be "To assist me in all matters concerning the acquiring of wealth for myself and others." You should treat this as a statement of intent and tighten it up as you would do normally.
  2. Decide upon a name and physical appearance for your servitor. These should be symbolic of your intent.2
  3. Make a model to serve as a material base for the servitor. Some magickians use ready made models such as lead miniatures for this. I prefer to sculpt mine out of clay, as this allows me to include herbs and minerals symbolic of the servitor's purpose in the model. With these I also include a small quantity of blood or semen, as these substances have a reputation for forming a strong magickal connection and accumulating magickal power. You can if you feel like it ritualise the whole sculpting of your material base, so as to provide a battery of energy of an appropriate type to work with in your creation ritual.
  4. The creation ritual itself. Lay out the place where you are working as you would normally. Place the material base in the centre of the circle. I often place it upon either a diagram symbolic of its general purpose drawn in powder, or upon my pentacle.
    1. Banish with your usual banishing ritual.
    2. Name the servitor using some kind of naming ritual. For example, sprinkle the material base with salt water saying "By the powers of Earth and Water, I name you ." Then cense the base with incense saying "By the powers of Fire and Air, I name you ."
    3. Move to the quarter of the circle that you attribute to the element of Earth, connect with that element, and direct the elemental energy into the legs of your model.3
    4. Do the same for Water directing the energy into the modelís abdomen and groin.3
    5. Do the same for Fire directing the energy into the modelís chest4 and arms.3
    6. Do the same for Air directing the energy into the modelís head.3
    7. Now make a connection with the planetary energy5 appropriate to the servitorís purpose. For example, Jupiter for wealth, Venus for love etc. Direct this energy into the material base, seeing the servitor's astral body forming out of the energy around the model.
    8. Fill your body with general life energy, and concentrate this energy in a glowing ball in your right hand (assuming that you are right handed). Take the servitor in your left hand, see it as a small sleeping creature. Breathe upon it saying "Come Alive, ." Pouring some of the energy from your right hand into it. See it starting to stir. Repeat this a symbolically appropriate number of times until you have used all the energy from your hand. Each time your call to the servitor must be more fervent, and you should see and feel the servitor becoming more awake. With the final cry itís eyes spring open and you can feel its tiny heartbeat in your hand.
    9. Now with the full force of your will, you must aloud specify to the servitor its function, the duration of time for which it shall exist and the method by which it may be destroyed. For example say " you shall assist me in all matters concerning the acquisition of wealth for myself and others. You shall obey such spoken commands that I give you when I call you by name. The term of your existence shall be for four years from this day. Your existence shall cease upon the shattering of this your material base, at which point you shall be reabsorbed into me, your absolute, this being the fulfilment of your nature."
    10. Command the servitor now to rest within itís material base, and wrap the model in a silk cloth of an appropriate colour.
    11. Perform a final banishing.
  5. Unwrap the servitor when you wish to use its services, and command it by name. Then leave it unwrapped. When it has completed itís duties, command it to rest again within the model, and wrap it up again.
  6. Do not forget to reabsorb the servitor when its time limit has expired.

Author's notes
1: Most of the method that I use is based on Method 2 of elementary construction, from Franz Bardonís book "Initiation into Hermetics".
2: I would use various Qabbalistic techniques, such as gemetria, to formulate the name, and perhaps then the Golden Dawn technique of forming telesmatic images to find out what the servitor looks like.
3: For example I would for Earth go to the North, draw the invoking pentagram of Earth and project the energy into the model using the sign of the enterer, while vibrating an appropriate word of power. I would use the West for Water, the South for Fire, and the East for Air.
4: The attribution of the chest to Fire and the head to Air is the system I use. There is an equally popular alternative tradition that gives the chest to Air and the head to Fire.
5: I would use the appropriate planetary hexagram to assist in this, and then the sign of the enterer to project the energy.




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