The Basics of Servitor Use and Construction

By Saint Christopholes

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Posted Tuesday, July 27, 2004 on


Servitors are essentially artificially-created ego-constructs that, for lack of more succinct terminology, you create to do specific things or sets of specific things.

Basic things to remember about servitors:

1. The functions and abilities of a servitor are often balanced by the need to control it. The more specific image you have of the servitor, the more specific it's abilities, and the shorter the length of time you give it animation, the easier it is to control.
"Multi-purpose" servitors often evolve or assimilate far faster than those of defined ends, are more likely to go "rogue" and are harder to rein in.

2.One of the best means of deining a servitor physically is to create a physical image for it or associate a physical image/material object to it. This allows you to reinforce your control over it ( remembering what shell you put on it) and effectively "nails it's foot" to the floor.
While you can bond a servitor to a living being, this has side effects which are not altogether beneficial for the master or the bonded being.

Reference:Ritualos de Personidad Divisor
3.Servitors, like any other thing that has to do with magic, can take their cue from the subconcious rather than the conscious command. Concentration in giving them tasks and specifics in detail are essential, as it prevents 'misunderstandings'
4.You can create servitor "succubi", or use servitor rituals to 'summon "lovers. This process is called "homonculizing the eregore". Thelemetics frown on this and warn of the consequences regarding this- giving almost karmic examples of forewarning.
It is, however, your choice whether or not to pursue this path.

5. When a servitor has fulfilled it's function, it is necessary to dispel or banish said creation. Do not be fooled into believing that such a creation has true life. Ascribing human traits and defined personality to a servitor will make the dispelling harder, as it has a more concrete foothold in this plane.

The basics of servitor creation can be used to experiment in the creation of "online entities", golems, hearth guardians and so on.




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