Creation of a Servitor: Art as a Sigil Format

By Clockwork Angel

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To begin this, I don�t quite consider myself any one thing. I borrow from many traditions and practices, and some of the ideas of chaos magick have fairly recently become some of these. But I�ve noticed that many who (really, not bullshittingly) follow any type of magickal path have an artistic nature. I designed this to work with that idea in mind.

Begin figuring out what your servitor will look like, feel like, what personality it will have. Begin sketches that loosely convey these ideas, and try at this point to vaguely begin imbuing it with a spark of life. No definition yet, it�s still much too early. The light gnosis or meditative state that comes from focusing on drawing should suffice for this concentration. This step occurred completely by accident for me; I began with something that I had thought up a long time ago for a story I had been writing, but had never really forgotten. I think the power of the idea made it somehow different than the things I usually draw.

From these sketches, your creation should start a growth and evolution of it�s own. Think of the embryo slowly developing eyespots, a head and torso, protolimbs, then limbs. Keep drawing more and more detailed versions of your creation. Plan a final piece, one to be executed in your medium of choice. I used acrylics. Again, try to make the steps of how you work with your art, work with the Art. If you start your stuff with an underpainting, have this establish the piece as different and magickally oriented, where your overpainting is when you breathe life into the servitor. Give it a function, a purpose, deepen the personality, think about what strengths and weaknesses it will have. (No one being can be invincible. Inherently certain strengths create weaknesses.)

Once you finish the final piece, the thoughtform of your servitor should be hanging around, waiting for the final step. Reach gnosis through the easiest method for you, and sever the tie that makes it a thoughtform, while feeding it a jumpstarting burst of energy. Like the doctor cutting the umbilical cord and administering the spanking to start breathing, to continue my earlier metaphor. Give it a name in this process or soon after. Describe to it it�s purpose and respectfully have it undertake such. Feed it energy once in a while, and give it attention, not to sound cheesy. If only to remind it of its purpose and to give it strength. When it is no longer required, it can be told so and set free, or if it is inherently dangerous as is, reabsorbed into the self.



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