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Astral Projection, commonly known as an out-of-body experience (OBE), is a phenomenon that has rapidly gained popularity and study over recent decades. While only a small percentage of the world's population know about OBE, many are being educated and enlightened about the subject every day. A fraction of these enthusiasts is actually doing it. What exactly is astral projection? You may have heard about it from friends, the Internet or maybe you have had experiences of your own. Astral projection is the temporary separation of an individual's waking consciousness during a self-induced trance state or regular sleep.

A theory suggests that all people and animals project when they sleep. People experience OBEs all the time and they have no waking memory of the experience. The culprits of this are known by most as shadow memories. Shadow memories are often recorded to an inaccessible portion of the brain, which makes it seem as though no dreams or OBEs ever occurred. Individuals wake up knowing they had a dream or an astral projection, yet they can not remember it even after sincere effort to do so. The point of this is the idea that most people astrally project and they just don't know it.

Projection has been perceived by the "astrally challenged", those who were not born with a natural ability to consciously project, to be an extremely difficult feat, if not an impossible one. Induced projection is not as difficult to achieve as most people think. It is simply a matter of preparing the mind as well as the spiritual and physical bodies for the exit. There are three keys to success at projection. The three include deep physical relaxation, a quieted mind and a level of trance.

Robert Bruce states in Astral Dynamics that the number one cause of failure at conscious-exit projection is the lack of good deep relaxation skills:

"Deep physical relaxation is the foundation on which everything else rests. Without it, conscious-exit projection becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible. More time and effort must be spent learning deep physical relaxation than with any other skill-it is that important!" -Robert Bruce

Taming or quieting the mind is a skill that must be worked at close to perfection. Many thoughts run through our heads at every minute, each acting as a part of a giant message and reminder pad. This is known as internal dialogue or monkey mind. People generally don't notice these thoughts and images as they constantly enter and exit our minds, though they serve a very useful purpose in our daily lives. When one wants to relax and quiet his mind, say for an astral projection attempt, these thoughts and images become annoyances and will hinder the mind taming process. Regular practice with various techniques will help one to easily achieve a sound state of mind for concentration during a projection attempt.



Various levels of trance are experienced every night when we go to sleep. Whenever we lay down for a nap or a night of slumber, our bodies will begin to relax as our minds get lost in half- thoughts and images, or hypnagogic imagery-leading to a trip through the Trance State. Normal nightly projections have elements of the sleep cycle, as most induced projections. Henceforth the need for a level of trance. Trance induction techniques trick the body into going to sleep while the mind stays awake. To induce a level of trance, one must have some practice and success at deeply relaxing the physical body and clearing the mind. The next step after deeply relaxing the physical body and clearing the mind of all thoughts, is to produce a mental "falling" technique. This technique acts as a catalyst for the trance induction process.

After a good level of trance has been achieved, an exit technique is often necessary to trigger the exit of the astral body. Techniques in this category are extremely numerous and can even be customized by projectors to better enhance their experiences. An exit technique simply places one's awareness outside of the physical body, stimulating the generation of the astral body. A clear mind must accompany this or the attempt will most likely fail. Complete concentration is necessary for success.

Many individuals experience a type of astral "body" after separation from their physical selves that is very similar to their physical body in appearance. There is controversy over whether we need a body in the astral. At first, most projectors will have a "body" that looks like their physical body and will learn to use it as a tool. Some have experienced the astral body disappear after numerous projections only to be replaced by a point of consciousness as the "new" body.

Sight is another part of astral projection that is not fully understood. Many say that they see with their minds during a projection in the same sense that bats use their radar to navigate. Other people report that it is very similar to everyday sight except with some very small modifications. In reality, it is just something you have to experience for yourself.

Many individuals ask the question, "What do I do when I get out?" The answer is up to you. Many people visit earthly locations and people in the real-time zone (closest astral zone to the physical), others explore higher realms of existence and some even experience the Akashik Records-a vast library containing perpetual echoes generated by every act of consciousness. What you do depends greatly upon personal beliefs and a growing ability to maneuver and perceive in the astral. The possibilities are endless.

The knowledge that exists about the subject of astral projection is the result of lifetimes of experience professed from advanced projectors and novices alike. A handful of notable individuals have put forth a lifetime of painstaking experimentation and thought to bring enlightenment to the community of projection enthusiasts. The techniques discussed in this and other sections of the Astral Society forums include ideas and theories from celebrated authors such as Robert Bruce and Robert Peterson, who are two excellent modern day philosophers of the out of body experience. In the same sense that much of the physical world remains quite a mystery to humans, astral projection remains a mystery. We gain new understanding with every experience endured by a vast number of individuals, yet a plethora of knowledge is still out there waiting for the right person to find it. Perhaps you will be the next to reveal something new and exciting.

It is recommended that Astral Dynamics, by Robert Bruce, as well as Robert Peterson's book Out of Body Experiences: how to have them and what to expect, be read in order to enhance the astral projection learning process. Query the Astral Society "Links & Tools" page for links to these and other authors' websites. The astral projection forum will help to assist you in your astral journeys with professed experiences and tips by both advanced projectors and "armchair travelers" alike. Don't be discouraged if early attempts at achieving projection fails. Patience and persistence are an absolute must. Seek guidance from fellow projectors here at the Astral Society. We will do our best to help each other to learn and improve our skills at this art.






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