Astral Projection: A New Way of Exploration

By: _Altair85

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Astral Projection ( AP ) is often misunderstood, and confused with OBE (Out Of Body Expirience) and there are many differences, and commonalties that make AP special. First thing you need to know that is KEY to the way you will operate in the astral: AP is NOT OBE, and what you know of OBE will not apply to AP!

AP is on the higher spectrum of vibrations. More higher, and up by �heaven�. You will travel with a body that is called your �Astral Body� and it is your true form, it is the way you look to everyone in the astral when you physically die. AP is generally easier than OBE (but there are people who OBE easier than AP) and AP involved meeting people which is not done in OBE.

The Astral plane itself is comprised of �etheric matter� which can alter shape, size, color, smell, ect� by thought, hence the Astral is �Subjective�. This can cause the traveler to believe that he/she is lucid dreaming, or imagining it all inside their head. This is not always true. Due to etheric matter, the astral is slightly different to each traveler. For example: Say your from Africa, to you the astral might have sand, and the buildings might be made out of sand, whereas if your from America, the Astral might look like concrete streets, and plaster buildings, with garbage cans things like that. The buildings will still be in the same locations, but the appearance may differ. Also due to this substance of matter, you can make whatever you like in the astral, and it is real.

The Astral plane comprises of many beings. Some are good, and some are bad. Most people you meet, and see will be nice. The nice ones, are guides, friends, family, and strangers. The bad beings, we call Shades. Shades live in the lower astral away from the holy light of creation. Where it is dark, there they pray on the weak and the unknowing by trickery, and lies, and deceit. They can pretend to be people that are nice, or they can tell you bad things. Physical violence from shades is not common, but I have heard of some stories. Shades want to harm you, so that you will become a shade when you die. They do this because of tragedies in their own lives. Shades are often created by people who were murdered, or committed suicide, or died in like car wrecks or drownings, things like that. Once you know how, and why they try to harm you, they can�t any more. They only have what power you give them, and will leave you alone once they know that they can�t do anything to you. To tell if someone�s a shade, you can flash them with love, or holy white light, and if they run away then they were a shade. You can yell at shades, and tell them to �GO AWAY!!� things like that.

The Astral is split up into levels. At each level, a different thing happens. We call those levels Foci. Here are the levels that you will mostly deal with when you AP (in order)

Focus 10: This is the �Mind awake, body asleep� stage, its where your physical body has fallen asleep, and your mind is awake, you know that your sleeping, and can hear the snoring, and things like that. This state will launch you into the others, this is the first foci.

Focus 12: A daydream like state, where you can receive messages from your guides, and begin to expand your mind.

Focus 17: This is where linear time breaks down, and you are in the past, present, and future. The Akashic Records are located here.

Focus 21: This is where the gateway to the other dimensions break down.

Focus 27: This is �heaven� however you believe in it. This is also the jump way to other dimensions, and other worlds.

There are many Techniques for reaching the Astral. This is a practice technique that is used to help you to solidify the Astral. I consider this �Crawling before you walk�. Its relatively simple, and kinda fun: (Thanks to the site of the skypony for the directions.

1.�Get into a comfortable position, dim the lights a bit, and relax. You should be sitting comfortably, and able to glance at this screen with little difficulty, or attention. Once you feel you have relaxed and are comfortable, then continue.

2. Now close your eyes, relax, and see in your mind's eye, your imagination, a black void before you. Nothing there. Just emptiness.

Now in that void, about two feet in front of you, imagine an orange floating there. A nice, cool, ripe orange, perhaps even dripping slightly with dew. See the orange hanging there in your mind's eye. Use your imagination.

Now, with your imaginary hands, reach out and hold that orange, Feel it! Imagine the temperature, cool, and damp. Feel the texture, and give it a gentle squeeze. Feel the orange until you can sense how it feels in your mind, your imagination.

Now take the orange with both hands, and rip the orange in two halves. Feel it rip, and see the juices squirt! Hear it rip open, and feel the cool, wet juice as it trickles down your imaginary hands.

Take one half of the orange, and bring it to your imaginary nose. Smell the ripe, tangy, orange scent. Don't be surprised if the sensation of smell doesn't quite "feel" normal. It may be more of a "knowing" of how it smells, in your mind.

Now, take a bite out of it with your imaginary mouth! Feel your imaginary teeth biting into it. Taste the juice. You can even spit out a seed if you find one.

What you have just done, was to project into the Lower Astral Realm. You used your mind to create the orange, and you used your Astral Senses to sense it. It was all very real, but by now that orange has likely dissipated.�

The astral is just that simple, but it does get more complicated as you go.

This Technique is the one I use, and so do others to actually get into the astral: (Thanks to the site of the skypony for supplying the steps)


�Find a nice, quiet, comfortable place to relax. Lie down, sit up, whatever is most comfortable for you. You will likely be on the edge of sleep during this exercise, and if you should fall asleep (what we call "clicking out"), don't worry about it! It happens all the time *smiles*

As you progress into the Astral Realm, your Astral perceptions increase greatly, you can actually feel it happening. Don't be surprised if things suddenly seem like they "zoom" into awareness.

Now then, as you relax into a comfortable meditative state. State your intention. Ask that you be surrounded by the Light, guided, guarded, and protected. Use your powers of visualization to see, in your mind's eye, a bright, warm, White Light surrounding you. Breath in this Light, and allow it to fill, and surround you. If you focus on this, you will feel the warmth, and love of this Great White Light surrounding, and filling you.

State your intent to be connected to the Highest Guide you can perceive. Your Guide loves you intensely, and you will be able to perceive this love as tangible sensations. See within your heart, a point of Light. Small, yet bright, and glowing there. As you breath, see, and feel this Light growing inside you. It will feel like warm, loving water as it expands to fill your entire body. Slowly, lovingly. Notice that this Light has a color. This is the color by which you will identify your High Guide.

Your Guide loves you dearly, and as you focus on expressing your love for this being of Light, the sensations within you will intensify tangibly! Now, let your love, and your Guide's love spread beyond your body, to fill the room, the house, the town, the world, and onward until you see and feel this great Loving Light filling the Universe!

Relax for a few monents, and bask in this radiant Light of Love. When you are ready, it's time to attune to your Guide, and meet them in the Astral Plane.

Now you will create your Practice Spot. Begin by seeing a void of empty blackness. Now below you create a patch of green, lush, grass. Not very large. Maybe only 20 feet across. Stand on this patch of grass. Notice you are wearing no clothing of any sort. This will help you to attune to this realm, to feel it.

Take some time to feel the grass. Roll around in it a bit. Feel it on your skin, it's lush, green, cool, soft texture. This will help you to pull more consciousness into the Astral Plane, and attune to it's vibrations, making it all the more clear, all the more solidified.

Once you have had some fun playing in the grass, it's time for an epiphany. This can be a little weird, so be ready to accept what you find to be true.

Look at your Astral Body, your true self. In the Astral Plane, mind is the builder. Therefor, as you truly are within, so you appear. One can change their appearance here with concentration, but as soon as it is relaxed, their true form naturally returns.

So who are you? Male? Female? (which is actually a representation of degrees or positive, or negative energy in the Astral). How old do you appear? Do not be too surprised if your true self does not appear as your physical self. *smiles* Throughout all your Astral ventures. Simple perceive, and receive. Focusing on things can change them (mind is the builder). So simply see what you see, and ponder this.

Once you are comfortable as your true self, sitting there on the lush, green grass. Try to perceive your High Guide. the connection was already made when you filled yourself with your Guides love and Light! Now simply see what you see, as you call to your High Guide. They are already there with you.

You may see a Light, a figure, a face. Open yourself to feeling the Love, and Light from your Guide. Stay there for a moment. And allow yourself to perceive your High Guide. Is your Guide male? female? What do you see? What do you sense? Be with your High Guide. And don't be embarrassed if you find this meeting highly emotional. The sensations of compassion, and Love can be quite overwhelming.

Ask your High Guide what to call them? What is there name? You might hear a name, as if within your mind. You might simply "know. Trust what you perceive!



Now it is time for you two to go play *smiles*

If your Guide has a message for you, be intent to "hear" it. I say "hear" because they mostly use Non-Verbal-Communication (NVC) within. This means you will simply "know" what they mean. As well, you may hear a voice within you. At times, you will get like a ball of information. As if an entire concept was just "dumped" into your mind. You will know what they mean, but it takes no words. Be open to whatever you receive.

Do you have a question for your Guide? Simply ask it! And see what you perceive in return. Your Guide may wish to take you somewhere, show you something. You may see symbols, images, or "hear" things. If you are shown something you do not understand, simply ask it be presented in another form, and it will be.

Stay and be with your Guide for as long as you wish. When you are ready to return, thank your Guide for their devotion, and their Love. Relax, and stretch your physical body. Awaken slowly, gently. You may wish to keep a journal of your Astral ventures, so upon returning, write down what you experienced.

*special note: Once you have the ability to go within as in this exercise, and have found your High Guide, you will never feel alone again. For you will have a sense of their presence, wherever you go.

ALWAYS go within WITH your High Guide! They will look after you out there, keep you out of mischief, and protect you from shades. Shades are mischievous entities who will try to frighten, distract, or fool you. You can always tell the Light from the Dark in the way they interact with you. A being of the Light will always present any information you need in a loving, and compassionate way. If you feel you are in contact with a shade, simply dismiss them, and forget about them. They cannot harm you. And the Love and Light of your High Guide will protect you as well.


Once you learn to do the above, and are easily able to go within, and be with your High Guide, they will teach you everything you need to know. Their great hope, as is mine, is that you will strive to find your way home. If you havn't read "Whitemane, Path of a Skypony" yet, now would be a great time to do this.

As well, once you are comfortable with going within, and being with your High Guide, you can save YEARS of seeking, and expedite your learning process exponentially by attending the Gateway program at the Monroe Institute (see the Links from the Home Page). I state this as a seeker of 20 years who went to Gateway recently, and found only confirmation of what I had been taught already, plus a wealth of new experiences to go with it. It should be stated here that I have no affiliation with the Monroe Institute (TMI).�



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