Only web sites that have every aspect of our criteria, and take that criteria and go above and beyond receive this award, and I believe you have done that with flying colors. Congratulations on a near flawless web site and a great start. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take a look at it.


"The sites are judged on content, functionality, and usefulness
to the general public. We spend a lot of time reviewing sites and not all make the grade. You have done a great job, keep up the good work!"


You have been awarded the Nominee Award from Nodus Design. Sacred Magick received an overall score of 63 points. Your sites graphics project a professional image and are well integrated into the main architecture. The solid layout and consistent navigation provide a stable environment in which to view the organised and well written content. Congratulations on creating a great website!

As a successful nominee, your site has now been entered into our monthly Winner Award competition.



Hello there, your website is amazing!
Please accept this small token of appreciation...
Thanks for you showing me your site
In love and light
White Witch


Congratulations from all the staff at Art Space You have won the "Gold Metal Web Award of Excellence" for originality, overall design and appearance, ease of navigation, and content. Keep up the good work.


We know how much work and dedication that has went into this great web site that you have built and we are pleased to inform you that we have found your site to be among the best on the Internet and hereby award you with the Web Design Award!

29 points = Creativity & Design
25 points = Programming & Compatibily
29 points = Ease of use & Effectiveness
Your web site received a score of:

83 out of a possible 99 points



Congratulations! In recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web.
Sacred Magick - The Esoteric Library has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award.