Rare Enochian Magic Grimoires Available

After six years of research and writing, Athena, a longtime practitioner of the Enochian arts is releasing her very rare Grimoires of Enochian magic.

TEX - January 10, 2010 � There are only 1000 original copies of the Enochian Grimoire available. Each one is hand-bound in unique materials, for example: leather, copper, and silk. Athena is creating these Enochian Grimoires that are true to the tradition of Enochian magic � the magical art of the Elizabethan occultist Dr. John Dee, astrologer and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I of England. Rare in today's publishing market, each copy is hand-bound in leather, using 70lb acid free textured paper, with an engraved copper Enochian square on the cover. The Enochian Grimoire has over 300 large-sized pages with original Enochian diagrams and rituals.

Included in the these Enochian Grimoires are lessons about how to practically work with Enochian magic, the making of the tools, how to call and work with the Enochian entities, how to travel the aethyres, and so on. Particular to this book are the chapters on working with the Cacodemons. This information is not found in any other book of magic in print! There are also many images to assist one in understanding the Great Table, the Table of Practice, Bonorum, Sigil Dei Aemeth, as well as the various other diagrams to help one understand the system as a whole. Also included are a few more unique chapters about how to work Enochian sex magic, as well as a chapter on how to properly work with the the negative forces.

According to the author, Athena, �The Enochian entities will be helping me create each book so that it is a living and working grimoire. Much effort has been put into the writing of this book, and just as much effort will be put into the binding and production of it. I will be using high quality grade leather for the cover, along with all acid free archival quality boards, paper, glue and even the thread for sewing the pages together.�


Some reviews of the Enochian grimoire:

"Very nice leather and paper. I haven't seen anything like that book sold in half a century or more.. Better then most on Enochian, which means I can actually understand it." D.B.

" I just got the grimoire. Its very nicely done and has a lot of character. First glimpse looks like there is good info in it too. I'll say more when I've had a chance to work with it a bit. My husband saw the grimoire and complimented your work. That's a rare thing. He is a leather crafter himself and has many handmade books in the collection. He was very impressed with the craft and wants to look through the book should I give him a chance." JT
"I've worked with Athena for some time. She introduced me to the subject of Enochian Magick a few years ago and I've felt her information has been some of the best I've ever seen. She, herself, is an expert in the subject of Enochian work - having been an Enochian magickian for a large part of her life." A.J
"I received my copy of Athena's Enochian Grimoire over the weekend. It is a welcome addition to my reference library. I have had a chance to thumb through the grimoire. The book is handcrafted, and covers the Enochian magic system in detail. The grimoire has lessons and exercises for novices and as usual has Athena's wit, and wisdom that is priceless. I don't usually give endorsements, but if it is in your budget, you should consider aquiring your own copy of this remarkable Enochian Grimoire. Seriously though, your grimoire is a very good work. I impressed with the effort you put into the handcrafting of each one." C.P. "I just got mine on the way to work - picked it up at the post office. I haven't gone through all of it, but I'm so impressed - impressed beyond words. It is amazing quality - the information (as I scanned it) is beyond what I expected. You have content I haven't seen elsewhere on the Enochian system. It's well worth the price. I could go on and on... but I wanted to just leave you a note saying I just got it, and it's amazing. Great work." BW

While most Enochian texts deal with the Golden Dawn style of approach to Enochian - Athena has opened the doors to the original system. A system practiced in it's original state by the likes of David R. Jones, as well as others.

Athena has taught several Enochian courses, via her website, and this week I was happy to get her new Enochian Grimoire. The book is amazing. I'll upload some pictures this weekend. The book is a hardback... and it's oversized. So it's big. The front cover of mine has a copper plate in it, with Enochian lettering. The first page has a symbol written in gold ink. But most importantly her actual text is very deep and comprehensive. I wasn't sure how thick it would be... but even on oversized paper, this book's content is about two inches or more thick.

Athena goes through a lot of different topics in her book and her approach is more groundbreaking then most texts out there. Rather then rehash the same info (such as how to derive the names of various hierarchical energies from the Great Table), she goes beyond the basics and teaches some advanced material. She also has provided a section of practical exercises - talisman consecration, spell work and more.

The pages are thick, high quality paper and it's all printed on archival inks. The diagrams are well reproduced, along with sigils, drawings and more. She's created these books by hand. That's right. By HAND. The books are blessed (as I understand it) before handed off or shipped."

For more information about the Enochian Grimoire and ordering, as well as to see a series of photographs of the book visit or contact Athena at: [email protected]