Focus Optimizer: Laser Focus
Get More Done in One Hour Than Most People Do All Day!

"The Very First Holothink Program That Instantly Eliminates Chaos, Craziness, Disarray and Distraction From Your Life!"

If you're lazy, slothful and gluttonous DON'T listen to this program because you'll find yourself in hi-gear "nearly manic" mega-productive mode!

This program enables you to "focus directly on the tasks at hand" by stimulating the areas of your brain that DEMAND that things "get organized and done".

So if you've ever seen one of those cartoons where the main character jumps into a rocket and launches at such a high rate of speed that his face gets smooshed and he's pinned against the seat and basically just has to hold on for the ride... then you have some idea about the level of focus, attention and action you're in for.

If you feel distracted at work (or simply just unmotivated) then just popping on your headphones and listening to this (Holothink's most powerful mind-altering program to date) INSTANTLY MOVE YOU into action.


Unless of course you want to spend the entire night accomplishing ALL the work you failed to get done in the last TWO WEEKS! It's that powerful.

And the best part is, you can actually listen to this while you work.

Forget your morning coffee, just take a 15 minute listen first thing in the morning and you'll think you had a dozen espresso's only WITHOUT the jitters ...

It really is ROCKET FUEL for your brain!

Use the Laser Focus Progam to:

  • Improve focus and comprehension while studying (great for students!)
  • Work more efficiently on tasks that require intense concentration
  • Focus your ability to study and comprehend more quickly
  • Experience a state of relaxed focus (as opposed to stressed focus)
  • Get "unstuck" and complete work when your mind wants to wander

Length of recording: 60 minutes (plus 20 minute bonus recording)



Put on a pair of stereo headphones and press "Play" button on your MP3 player. The program will effortlessly begin to affect your brainwaves. Soon, the average user will experience the benefits of a clear, focused mind.

This program CAN be listened to with eyes open, while you're engaged in activity.


Instant Download bfor only �30 (1500 credits)

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