The Triangle Of The Art

Solomonic Tool of Scrying and Spirit Evocation

This is a form the infamous Magical Triangle of Solomon or the Triangle Of The Art, into which King Solomon allegedly command the Evil Spirits to build his temple. It is 3 feet across with a thick scrying/magic mirror permanently implanted into the middle of the triangle with approximate weight of 15 kg.

This Triangle of the Art (TOTA) symbolizes infinity, endlessness, the connection with God, the Alpha and the Omega, the symbol of manifestation, of everything that is made, of everything that has ever been created.

The triangle itself is a diagram of the three dimensional world we know, i. e. the mental, the astral and the physical world. Each power which is to be projected into the physical world must run through the three planes mentioned above, thus the magician who is working with this item sees the spirit, the being and power, called forth and manifested on the center of the triangle.

This TOTA comes with a knock-down stand and may serve multiple purposes: for evocation in the physical plane when laid on the floor, or may be used for evocation to the astral sphere if used in conjunction with the magic mirror.



Please allow 2 weeks for your TOTA construction and delivery.


Price: US$625

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 Product no longer offered until further notice

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