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Table of Contents


PART ONE: An Overview of Sorcery

Opening the Temple's Door
Seeing the Sun for the First Time
The Religious Infancy of Mankind
China: The Middle Kingdom
The Meaning of Chi, Man's Life Force

PART TWO: The Basic Rituals

Setting Up the Altar
Knocking at Heaven's Door
Closing the Ceremony
The Seven Basic Rituals
. Ancestor Worship
. Breaking Misfortune
. Stepping into Misfortune
. Expelling Ghosts
. Ritual for Good Health
. Asking the Gods for Wealth
. The Circle of Wizards

PART THREE: The Guidelines

The Nature of the Hereafter
The Mistul
The Purgatory
Religious Roots
Hell Is Both Cold and Hot
Gods Walking on Earth

On Taoism
Taoist Beliefs
The Road of Taoism
Shunning Excessive Pride
Taoism Is a Chinese Religion
The Thief of Time

The Nature of Ghosts
Stray Ghosts
Seeking Ghostly Explanations
Ghosts Appearing at Seances
The Power of Demons
Ghostly Apparitions
Sea Ghosts
Benevolent Spirits
Ghosts Need Food
Wandering Ghosts
Funeral Masses
Photographing Ghosts
The Rosary
The Physiognomy of Ghosts
Ghostly Whispers
Cold Ghosts
A Demon's Touch
The Ghosts of Victims
Playful Ghosts
Seventh Day Ghosts
Everyone Eventually Becomes a Ghost
Haunted Places
The Crowing of the Rooster
Haunted Streets
Dealing with Ghosts
The Advantage of Being a Ghost
Stage Ghosts
Good-Natured Ghosts
Unlucky Times to Die
Haunted Houses
Spirits of the Wilderness
Sudden Materializations
Benevolent Spirits and Children
Accidents Caused by Ghosts
Ghostly Songs
Ghosts and Dogs
Ghosts of Murdered People
The Allure of Ghost Stories
Ghost Hunting
Nasty Ghosts
Invited Ghosts
Ghosts Move in Circles
Ghosts and Light
Powerful Spirits
Food for Captive Ghosts
The Three Powers of Ghosts
Ghostly Disturbances
The Presence of Demons

The Nature of the Devil
Satanic Priests
Devil Worshipers
Warding Off the Devil
Devils at the Altar
Strange Murders
Bargaining with the Devil
Calling the Devil
War Is the Devil's Curse
The Teachings of the Gods
A Contract with the Devil
Satanic Potions
The Dark Knight
Satanic Rituals
Evil Altars
The Devil's Disciples

Learning to Die
Picking Up One's Steps
Spirit and Body Separation
Accepting Death
The Ghost Gate
The Long Sleep
Forgiving Enemies
Heaven Has Eyes
The Tunnel's Light
Incorrupt Corpses
Premature Death
Strange Facts of Life and Death
What Is Death?
Forestalling Death
The Last Meal
Death and the Five Elements
The Importance of Burying a Corpse Intact
The Function of Funeral Rituals
Military Funerals
Intimate Funeral Ceremony
The Dead Walking among the Living
An Animal's Fear of Death
Recognizing Ethnic Enemies
Unavoidable Calamity
Dying Young
The Ten Thousand Faces of Death
The Three Skulls
Nobody Lives Forever
Burning Documents or Books Before Dying
The Dead Also Love Flowers

The Principles of Reincarnation
Choosing Where to Be Reborn
The Bridge of Sorrows
Voluntary Relationships
Returning to the Place of Departure
Yuan Fen: Predestined Relationships
Positioning Graves
Guarding Graves
Remembering Past Lives
Child Geniuses
Born to Suffer
It Is Useless to Commit Suicide
Extraordinary People
The Hidden Danger of Hospitals
Natural Fame

Geomancy: The Fate of Houses and Places
House Construction Hexes
Animals in Architectural Design
Coveted Houses
Supernatural Shadows
Opening a Grave
Tall Constructions
The Fate of Buildings
House Warming Ritual
Cave Spirits
Underground Spirits
Yearly Spiritual House Cleaning
Excessive Good Luck
Absorbing Prosperity by Osmosis
Finding Evil Objects
Unlucky Visitors
Unfriendly Neighbors
In the Calm of the Night
Protecting the House

The Nature of Icons
Where to Place Icons
It Is Hard to Be a God
Manmade Gods
Catholic Icons
Temples Do Not Talk
Military Temples
Holy Pictures
Conversations with Ancestors
Flushing Out Ambushers

The Magic Wand: The Chinese Wooden Sword
Magic Shield
The Chinese Sword
Similarities between Traditions
The Chinese Sword in Japan
Forging Swords
The Essence of Swordsmanship
Swords and Sorcery
The Vigil of the Heads

Thievery: Getting Rich without Capital
Thieves Are Everywhere
Cursing All Thieves

Studying Chinese Sorcery
Sorcery Initiation
Esoteric Learning
Sorcery Risks
The Rule of Precedence
Sorcery Battles
Dry Runs
Character Changes Fate
Mistaken Actions
One School, a Thousand Methods
Concentration Versus Talent
Sorcery Manners
Master Magicians
The New Replaces the Old
Three Taoist Teaching Principles
The Secret Essence of Mantras
The Many Levels of Skill
One Road at a Time
The Art of Listening
Where to Find Help
Sudden Illumination
Quantity Counters Quality
Sending the Cat to Fetch the Mice
Practice Makes Perfect
A Hidden Dragon
Testing One's Vocation

PART FOUR: The Spells

Hexing Dolls
Special Dolls
The Esoteric Power of Plants
Hexing Tools
Hexing through Mirrors
Resurrecting a Doll
Recycling a Doll
Burying Corpses in the Snow

The Chains of Love
The Coffin Curse
Cursed Potion
The Demise of Great Men
Spell for Forbidden Love
Closing All Doors
The Anti-Wedding Spell
Marriage Spell
The Seed of Return
The Thread of Love
The Moon Fairy's Spell
Double Doll Hex
The Black Thread Spell
The Perils of Seducing a Woman
Better Dead than Spurned
Lascivious Ghosts
The Returning Path
Departed Love
Antagonizing Spells
Buried Spell
The Living Ghost Curse
Marriages Made in Heaven
Cursing a Marriage
Marriage Bonds
Goddess Chang
Spells for Marriage and Divorce
Catching the Prey
Sorcery in Matchmaking
The Three Moon Hex
The Fairy Rides a Donkey
The War of the Sexes
Better Poor but Alive than Rich and Dead
Countering Passion Spells

The Weak against the Strong: Avenging Spells
Avenging a Wrong
The Circle of Revenge
Hereditary Curses
A Demon Entering a Temple
Target Shooting
Yellow Hide
The Three Nails Curse
Buried Doll Curse
Tormenting Curse
Double Death
An Ancient Curse
Dying with the Eyes Open
The Scarecrow Hex
The Buried Cart Curse
Humiliating Curse
A Curse to Cause Impotence
Poisoning the Tiger
The Drinking Hex
Extinguishing the Flame
Avenging Ancestors

Rituals to Protect Babies
The Crib Shield
The Red Cord
The Egg Ritual
Earrings for Boys
Dressing Boys as Girls

Candles and Incense

Candle Spells
Extinguishing an Enemy's Life
Candle Warnings
Altar Room
The Eight Candles Ritual
The Four Directions
Hovering Flames
Starting Enterprises
The Flame of Life

The Sacred Rope
The Rope as a Door
The Rope as a Circle
The Rope as Courage Giver

Holy Water
How to Use Holy Water
Five Types of Holy Water

The Secret of Prayers
The Influence of Prayers
Voiced Curses

The Sacred Mirror and the Devil
Seeing the Future
Summoning Spirits through a Mirror
Mirrors on the Wall
Ghost-Hunting Mirror
Scaring Ghosts

Defensive Sorcery
The Double Coffin Spell
The Eyes of the Doll
Change Directions Instead of Moving the Mountain
The Black Flag
Neutralizing a Hex
Extra Supernatural Protection
The Onion Ritual
Dangerous Jobs
Ritual for Three Sorcerers
The Glass of Water Test
The Wall of Knives

Food Spells
The Dog's Life Spell

Spells against Enemies
Urination Jinx
Rain: The Tears of Heaven
Lethal Ritual
Hexing a Victim's Shadow
Transferring Curses
Pursuing Enemies in the Afterworld
The Dark Moon: The Symbol of Evil Sorcery
Gossip: Stabbing without Drawing Blood
Disarming Spell
Paralyzing Others with Spells
The Seven Stones Curse
Fighting Words with Words
Protection against a Fire Curse
Plucking the Fruit: Hexing Enemies
Pillow Curses
The Half-Moon Curse
Effigies and Photographs
The Entangled Feet Curse
Bewitching a Chess Player
The Dog's Death Curse
The Quarreling Family Curse
God Punishes Evil Sorcerers
Lending Personal Objects
Are Spells Harmless?
A Hex to Damage the Heart
Spinning a Chair
Last Ditch Defense
Rice at Weddings
Flood Curse
Dividing to Win
The Power of the Eyes

PART FIVE: A Selection of Sorcery Principles

Priests Can Also Go to Hell
Religious Sexual Abstinence
The Unending Search for Good Spells
The Principle of Confession
The Task of Priests
Tickets to Paradise
Discrediting Sorcery
The Evil in Religion
Closing the Door Behind You
Business and Religion

On Religion
Becoming a God
The Meaning of Religion
Diamond Cuts Diamond
Miraculous Miracles
The Religion of Sorcerers
Ancestor Worship
Modern Religions
Initiation into Unknown Cults
Sorcery and Religion

Flying Witches
Unlucky Beatings

Rituals Change but Do Not Create Things
The Sweetness of Revenge
The Eternal Sorcery Question
The Five God-Elements
Rituals for Descendants
The School of Colors
The Power of Pyramids
Fake Sorcerers
Misplaced Compassion
Beasts Dressed as People
Immortals among Men
The Ladder of Success
World Mysteries
The Living Are More Dangerous than Ghosts
A Temple's Fire Is Its Life
The Shape of Sorcery Attacks
The Will to Practice Sorcery
The Dangers of Sorcery
The Sorcerer's Diet
Excessive Offerings
Urgent Petitions
Sacrificial Customs
The Periodicity of Rituals
Negative Luck
Displeased Gods
Small Bells
Large Bells
Fair Punishments
The Many Lives of the Dragon
Rituals and Weather
Family Breakups
Witchcraft Kills Saints and Sinners Alike
Cunning Sorcerers
Heaven's Records
Keeping an Eye Open
Murphy's Law
Innate Fears
The Shadow of Disaster
Military Sorcery
The Secrecy of Rituals
Asking Heaven for Sons
Divine Works of Art
Ancient Curses
New Projects
Sorcery Partnerships
Fighting against Instinct
Sorcery and the Military
The Meaning of Friendship
Playing with Fire
The Gods Like to Help People
The Average Success Rate of Rituals
Objects of Bad Luck
Lucky People Are Divine
Possessed or Mad?
Ambitious Sorcerers
The Man Behind the King
Domestic Perils
Fate and Fortune
Food Comes from Heaven
The Hand of Fate
Feasts for the Gods
Burning the Bird's Nest
Single-Mindedness: Formula for Success
Chi Depleting Gatherings
Secondhand Objects
Undying Loyalty
The Name of God
The Supreme Power of the Sorcerer
Is There a Creator?
Father Heaven, Mother Earth
Metaphysical Intuition Is Better than Logic
The Eternal Warfare of the Classes
The Five Lucky Blessings
Modern Mediums
Weapons Are Evil
The Wailing Woman and the Wind
It Does Not Pay to Kill with Magic
Human Angels
Even Gods Need Rest
The Worldwide Family of Sorcery
Lucky Streaks
The Divine Merits of Great Works
The Power to Change the World
The Quality of Offerings
Disposing of Ashes
Many Gods Were Once Men
The Widespread Influence of God
The Danger of Confused Petitions
The Appeal of Sorcery
God's Chosen People
Gods Dislike Perfect Beauty
Think Twice Before Changing Religions
God Knows Best
The Pit of Disaster
Beware of Having Your Picture Taken
Making Dreams Come True
The Insolence of the Ruling Class
People Acting Like Animals
What's in a Name
Spells to Quell Agitated Waters
Using the Sacred Sword to Fight Tornadoes
Birthday Ritual
The God of Physiognomy
Rituals for Education
Sacred Tools against Vampires
The Short Death
Sunrise Rituals
Big Fish, Small Fry
Morgues and Funerary Parlors
Tainted Vehicles
Changing the Image
Talking with God
Victory in Defeat
East and West
The Twelve Doors of Fate
A Life for a Life
Spiritual Traveling
How to Be in Two Places at the Same Time
Minor Gods
Good Sorcerers Are Feared
The Attraction of Fame
Sorcery Pilgrims
Grandiose Plans
The Power of Dragons
Last Minute Converts
The Voice of Conscience
Scale Models
A Good Ending
Meeting Evil
The King of the Mountain
Disappearing Bodies
It Is Not Easy to Be a God
Three Worlds
Beauties and Beasts
Family Spells
The Odor of Sanctity
Searching for the Perfect Man
The Good Luck of Orphans
Gods Can See into the Human Heart
Old Battlefields
Happy Bearers of Bad News
The Celestial Judge
The Need for Funeral Rites
Blessings in Disguise
The Perils of Joy
Spirits of Ancestors
Tears Are Unlucky
Hexed In-laws
The Golden Rule
Begging with Sword in Hand
False Prophets of Doom
Writings on the Wall
Unlucky Habits
Birds of a Feather Flock Together
Slipping on a Small Stone
God Is Not Feminine
Professional Sorcerers
Stray Pets
Empty Sacrifices
At the Gates of Hell
The Benefits of Defeat
Curses of the Dead
Effective Advantage
The Human Aura
Aged Sorcerers
Victory Is Never Certain
How to Make Good Friends
Protecting a Son
The Purifying Power of Fire
The Hanged Man's Hand
The Seventh Star God
Kings and Sorcerers
Revengeful Employees
Hiding the Diamond
The Pentagram
Ten Month Pregnancy
A Life for a Life
Three Fatal Mistakes
Death by Lightning
Pitiful Sight
Screening Associates
Never Ask for a Favor
Lawsuits Are a Curse
National Sorcerers
The Value of Honed Skill
Old Wine
Provisional Altars
The Human Body and Sorcery
Reluctant Divinities
Cleaning the Aura
Water and Fire
The Power of Animals in Sorcery
Magician, Help Yourself
Ritual to Abate a Storm
Wooden Fish, Wooden Sword
Battle Plans
Knowing When to Retreat
Watching an Enemy's Funeral Procession Pass By
The Esoteric Importance of Rulers
Avoiding the Company of Unbelievers
After Mass the Priest Is Forgotten
Minister of Sorcery
Heaven Is Not Deaf
The Advantage of Knowing Sorcery
Affinity of Spirit
Incredulous People
False Gods
The Value of Chinese Sorcery
Death Has Many Faces
Witchcraft Battles
The Might of Spells
The Power of the Snake
Witchcraft's Lethal Emanations
Negative and Positive Days
The Rules of Propriety
All Roads Lead to Heaven and Hell
The Appearance of Demons
Celestial Omens
Time Waits for Nobody
The Crystal Ball
The Curse of Answered Prayers
A Hen Ruling the Roost
Skilled Sorcerers
Lucky Times
The Mysteries of Life
The Death of Evil Sorcerers
Esoteric Marks on the Forehead
Dangerous Dragons
Celestial Fire
Exorcising with Human Blood
The Dragon's Tail
Hexes and Axes
A Giant Being Led by the Nose
True Sorcerer
Downward Mobility
Swallowing Elephants
Hell on Earth: Living Abroad
Heaven Has Eyes
Sorcery Methods
Overly Sensitive People
Hired Killers
Sex in Sorcery
The Celestial Army
Peaceful Places
Always Add One More
Seeking a Personal God
To Kill a Dead Person
Dragon's Gait, Tiger's Eyes
Orthodox Rituals
People with Evil Auras
The Downfall of Nations
Sorcery and Diplomacy
Caution Before Action
The Cross
Myriad Wishes
How Many Rituals?
Protecting the Rituals
Turning to the Past
Competition Determines the Winner
Ta Tung: The Golden Age of Mankind
The Success of Strange Movies
Wooing Lady Luck
The Limitations of the Human Body
Why Chinese Monks Do Not Have Surnames
Supernatural Creatures
A Sip of Wine
When Might Is Not Right
A Sorcerer's Environment
Martyrs Always Die the Same Death
Not Only Primitive People Are Superstitious
Circus Sorcerers



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