Types of Divination

Aeromancy - By air.
Alectryomancy (also Alectoromancy) - By poultry. Grains are placed on each letter of the alphabet. Then a cockerel with claws cut eats the grain, spelling out something.
Arithmancy (also Numerology) - By numbers.
Astrology - also known as astromancy or horoscopy. Divination by study of the movements of heavenly bodies, particularly the major planets.
Axinomancy - By hatchet.
Botanomancy - By herbs.
Capnomancy - By smoke.
Carromancy - By melting wax.
Cartomancy - By cards. This term may be used for any types of cards, including tarot cards, playing cards, and cards specifically produced for divinatory purposes.
Catoptromancy - By mirror. Also see Scrying.
Cephalomancy - By donkey's head.
Chiromancy - By the palm of the hand. Also known as palmistry.
Cledomancy - By words.
Cleromancy - By lots.
Cromniomancy - By onions.
Gastromancy - By the sounds of the stomach.
Hydromancy - By water.
I Ching.
Idolomancy - By idols. This form of divination is, of course, closely related to oracles.
Lampadomancy - By lamps or candles.
Lecanomancy - By precious stones dropped in water.
Numerology (also see arithmancy) - By numbers.
Oniromancy - By dreams.
Onychomancy - By the fingernails.
Ornithomancy - By bird flight or song.
Ouija, also known as ouija board or spirit board.
Palmistry - By the hands. also, chiromancy.
Podomancy - By the feet.
Pyromancy - By fire.
Scrying - By crystal balls, magic mirrors and the like.
Spatalamancy - By skins, bones or excrement.
Sycomancy - By figs.
Tasseography - By tea leaves. (Or, alternately, by coffee grounds.)
Tyromancy - By the coagulation of cheese.

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