The Solar Cross

Start with the QBL cross.

Then as you face East, while absorbing solar energy from around you, build up that energy in your center and extend your right arm with index finger extended (you may use an athame or dagger).


Starting at head level, draw a broad line of brilliant yellow light straight down while vibrating the name Yeheshuah.


Extend your hand to your left and draw another broad line of brilliant yellow light to your right, thus making an equal arm cross, while again vibrating the name Yeheshuah.


With your hand still extended to your right, in a sweeping motion, draw a full clockwise cricle of brilliant yellow light, connecting all the ends of the cross you just made, while vibrating the name Yehovashah.


Then extend your right hand into the center of the cross, releasing a burst of yellow light, which will cause the cross to triple in brilliance, while vibrating the name Yehovashah.

Repeat the above in the West, North, South, Above, Below (in that order).

Then turn to face East and perform the QBL cross.



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