Small Astral Evocation

This unusual evocation method is a ritual only in the broadest sense of the word, since the actual magical work takes place on the astral plane almost exclusively. It requires a trance of considerable intensity, and some rather difficult-to-reach states of awareness, for reaching which no ritual means are explicitly given, which makes this magical practice clearly a thing for advanced and professional practitioners. It is also currently in development and may still be edited some time in the future. Anyway, it might be interesting for adventuresome magicians because the modus operandi of the ritual structure, which is simple and uses few symbols, is very clear and comprehensible. Since the following evocation is not suitable for beginners anyway, extensive explanations have been abstained from.

The mage goes into deep trance and, on the astral plane, meets the being he seeks to evoke. He makes sure it completely consents to the following procedure. If not already known, he learns the name and sigil of the being - they are the two most important symbols for the following operation.


If the mage wants to invoke the being into himself as will be explained later, it is, even if disregarding any ethics, not recommendable to try to force the being into cooperation.


When this has been done successfully, the mage splits his awareness and perceives the being and the connection between it and the physical world at the same time. He sees the latter as an exactly defined path between the location of the being and the place he wants to evoke it to. On the target spot, he visualises the sigil while calling, vibrating, singing or similarily uttering the name of the being, until the symbol and its meaning are clearly and obviously perceivable.


The symbol itself must be observable using the astral senses and its meaning must be clear and conscious to the mage as intuitive knowledge. Ultimately, the mage observes the being, the spot it will be called to and the path in between in one extensive perception. This way, a form, a pattern is created, in which the following energy flow is going to take place.


Now, the practitioner, one after the other, invokes into himself several astral energies, principles, spheres or beings the to-be-evoked being is in contact with and may receive power from. Such may, for example, be superior beings within some hierarchy (who approve of the evocation), the general sphere of origin of the being, related spheres from other magical systems or very general sources of power like Chaos or Ch'i. In the role of each of the invoked powers, the mage astrally channels power into the being with the aim and direction of allowing it to manifest.

How this works in detail is too much dependent on the chosen powers and individual ideas of the mage to allow for more precise instructions in this place.


Schematic view of the ritual procedureAlternatively, the mage may call out to the supporting energies instead of invoking them into himself, asking (or commanding) them to perform this giving of power. The invocation into the mage will, however, normally be more effective. In any case, it is very important the supporting energy flow is created in a way that makes it work permanently (until the end of the evocation) and provides the being with energy all of the time!


With this, the way is determined as well as the drive given and the actual evocation begins.


Now, the mage again has two possible ways of proceeding. He either invokes the wished-for being into himself and this way guides it into the physical world, or he evokes it the traditional way, "from the outside", by calling for it from the physical plane. If the latter is true, spontaneously chosen physical ritual elements such as calling, luring gestures or drawing along the lines of the sigil are appropriate. If the mage invokes the being into himself, he has to gradually become aware of the physical world while maintaining the being personality and unable to use these supporting means, which is a rather demanding task. In both cases, it is desirable to continuously keep in mind the magical connection between the origin and the aimed-for location of the being, as well as the empowering connections with the supporting energies.


When the being has arrived on the physical plane, you proceed as with any "normal" evocation, including the giving of thanks, banishment etc. Since hardly any physical ritual elements are being used, achieving physical visibility is more difficult than with normal evocation methods. The potency of the magical effects ultimately wished for is, however, not affected by this.


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