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Part One--The Qabalistic Cross

1.) Stand facing east. Visualize yourself getting taller and taller until the Earth becomes a tiny sphere at your feet. See the solar system swirling around you. Your feet are anchored to the Earth. From high above your head you see a point of light coming toward you. Watch it until it becomes a sphere about the size of a dinner plate right above your head. It is bright white, an extreme, pulsating brilliance. Point to this sphere with the index or dagger and draw it down to the forehead (third eye area). Vibrate: ATAH (Ah-TAH)


2.) Bring the light down more, pointing first to the heart, then descending to the groin area. Hold the dagger pointing downward, covering the groin. Feel this shaft of pure light go down through the body into infinity below you. Vibrate: MALKUTH (Mahl-KOOT)


3.) Bring the point of the dagger back up the body and then over to the right shoulder. Touch the right shoulder and visualize the beam of light running down the right arm and continuing on to the farthest reaches of the Universe. Focus on the beam of light and vibrate: VE-GEBURAH (Vih-G'Boo-RAH)


4.) Cross over to the left shoulder. Focus on the beam of light and vibrate: VE-GEDULAH (Vih-G'Doo-LAH).


5.) Clasp the hands to the chest, as if praying. (If using the dagger, the tip of the blade should be pointing up). Visualize within the chest at the top of the hands a brilliant golden glow.Vibrate: LEOLAM AMEN(Lih-Oh-LAHM, Ah-MEN)

You are now standing in the center of a cross of light that reaches to the ends of the Universe.


Part Two

1.) Stand facing east. Trace the Equilibrated Active Pentagram of Spirit. While doing so, vibrate EXARP (EX-AHR-PEY) so that the last syllable occurs after you finish drawing and while you are thrusting your hands forward as The Enterer. This pentagram should be blue.

spirit invoking pentagrams

2.) Make the sign of Spirit -- a wheel -- in the center of the pentagram, and vibrate EHEIEH (EH-HEH-YEH), saving last syllable for the sign of the Enterer once again. The wheel symbol should be made by first making a clockwise circle, starting and ending at the top. Then draw the vertical, then horizontal spokes. Follow this with the two diagonal spokes. See this wheel as white.

Wheel--sign of spirit

3.) Still facing east, make the Invoking Pentagram of Air, directly on top of the figures you just made. Vibrate: ORO IBAH AOZP (OH-ROW EE-BAH-HAH AH-OH-ZOHD-PEE), once again vibrating the last syllable with the sign of the Enterer (this should always be done). See this pentagram as blue.

pentagrams of air

4.) While forming the sign of Aquarius in the center of the pentagram, vibrate YHVH (YUD-HEH-VAHV-HEH). See this sigil as yellow.

sign of Aquarius, wavy lines

5.) Move to the south. Make the Equilibrated Active Pentagram of Spirit while vibrating BITOM (BEE-TOH-EHM). Make the inner Wheel while vibrating EHEIEH (EH-HEH-YEH).

spirit invoking pentagrams

Wheel--sign of spirit

6.) Still facing south, draw the Invoking Pentagram of Fire. Vibrate OIP TEAA PEDOCE (OH-EE-PAY TAY-AH-AH PAY-DOH-KAY).

Pentagrams of fire

7.) Make the sigil of Leo in the center while vibrating ELOHIM (EL-OH-HEEM). See this sigil as red.

sign of Leo

8.) Move to the west. Make the Equilibrating Passive Pentagram of Spirit while vibrating HCOMA. (HAY-COH-MAH).

spirit invoking pentagrams

9.) Make the Wheel while vibrating AGLA (AH-GLAH).

Wheel--sign of spirit

10.) Still facing west, draw the Invoking Pentagram of Water while vibrating EMPEH ARSEL GAIOL (EHM-PAY-HAY AHR-SEL GAH-EE-OHL).

Pentagrams of water

11.) Make the Eagle Head to represent Water in the center while you vibrate EL. Make this sigil Blue.

sign of scorpio--eagle's head

12.) Move to the north. Make the Equilibrated Passive Pentagram of Spirit while vibrating NANTA (EHN-AH-EHN-TAH).

spirit invoking pentagrams

 13.) Make the Wheel while vibrating AGLA (AH-GLAH).

Wheel--sign of spirit

14.) Still facing north, and over the figures you have already drawn, make the Invoking Pentagram of Earth while vibrating EMOR DIAL HECTEGA (EE-MOHR DEE-AHL HEK-TAY-GAH).

15.) Vibrate ADONAI (AH-DOH-NYE) while making the sign of Taurus. This sigil should be black.

16.) Move to the east. 


Part Three--The Invocation of the Archangels

17.) Extend arms straight to the sides, forming a cross. Visualize yourself as a white cross in the center of the Universe. Visualize before you a figure on a hill, dressed in yellow robes with some purplish highlights. The figure carries a caduceus wand and its robes wave in the wind. Feel a breaze coming from behind the Archangel. Vibrate: Before me, RAPHAEL (Rah-Fah-El).


18.) Visualize a figure behind you, in the west, dressed in blue robes with some orange highlights. The figure holds a cup and is surrounded by waterfalls or ocean waves. Feel the moisture in the air. Vibrate: Behind me, GABRIEL (Gah-bree-El).


19.) To your right, visualize a figure dressed in red with green highlights. The figure holds in his hands a flaming sword. Feel the heat. Vibrate: On my right hand, MICHAEL (Mee-Kah-El).


20.) To your left, visualize a figure standing on a fertile landscape, dressed in a combination of citrine, olive, russet and black. Fall colors. The figure holds some sheaves of wheat. Feel the stability. Vibrate: On my left hand, URIEL (Ohr-Ree-El)


21.) Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and visualize another electric-blue pentagram outlining your body. Vibrate: For about me flames the pentagram... Visualize a brilliant golden hexagram at your heart area. Vibrate:... And in my center shines the Six-rayed Star.


Part Four

22.) Repeat Part 1.

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