Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
Do not be fooled by the term lesser, in the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (herein referred to as LBRP) for this is a very powerful ritual in itself, and is a backbone of all further high magickal work. This rite contains all the essential formulas that you will later utilize, including visualization, vibrating sacred names, and raising and channeling power. Adepts and neophytes alike conduct this ritual on a regular basis. It is one of the most pivotal and widely used rituals in the whole of ceremonial magick. For this reason it is best that it is learned as soon as possible.

The first part of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) is the Qabalistic Cross. This is followed by what may properly be termed the actual LBRP. Finally the Qabalistic Cross is repeated after the LBRP is completed.

The Qabalistic Cross:
1) Stand in the center of the room and conduct a relaxation ritual. When you are thoroughly relaxed, imagine yourself growing taller and wider. Visualize yourself extending through the ceiling so that now you are looking at the city or forest of where you live. Imagine that too as shrinking as you keep growing in size. While this is happening, be sure to keep awareness of your feet being flat on the ground. Continue to expand until you are exiting the atmosphere of the earth. Continue to grow and expand until even our solar system, our galaxy, and our universe have become but grains of sand. At this point visualize a great white light above your head growing larger and larger as you approach. Let this light form a brilliant white sphere at the top of your head.

2) Touch your head and vibrate ATEH (Ahh-Tay). Hear the vibration coming from the white sphere, not your mouth.

3) Touch your chest and vibrate MALKUTH (Mall-koot). As you do this, visualize a line of pure holy light running down from the sphere above, down the center of your body until it reaches your feet. Let this light formulate another sphere at the bottom of your feet. This is the sphere of Malkuth, which should be imagined as a russet type color.

4) Now touch your right shoulder and intone Ve-Geburah (Veh Geb-you-rah), and as you do so imagine another brilliant sphere, this time red in color, materializing in your shoulder.

5) Now touch the left shoulder and vibrate Ve-Gedulah (Veh Ged-you-lah). Imagine as you do this, a beam of white light leaving the sphere on your right shoulder and moving directly into your left shoulder. Another sphere is formed from the light beam now in your left shoulder. This one is blue in color. You now have two spheres on both your shoulders connected by a white connecting line of light, and you have a sphere atop your head, and beneath your feet, also connected by a line of light. Thus you have four spheres that intersect near your coller bone, and two lines of brilliant white light that form the Qabalistic cross.

6) Hold your hands in front of your chest with palms up, in a cupping way, the same way you would hold your hands if you were drinking water from your hands, and intone Le Olam (Leh Ol-am). As you say this let your hands burst into divine yellow flames. Let the flames recede into your heart center. When this is done, intone Amen.

Now it is time to perfrom the actual LBRP proper. You should let the spheres fade away from your vision as you start the LBRP.

1) Walk to the eastern part of the room and construct, using your dagger, the banish the banishing pentagram of earth. Trace this as vividly as possible in the air in blue flames. Let the traced pentagram remain there, hovering where you created it. When you have finished creating the pentagram, thrust your dagger into the center of it as if to stab it and vibrate YOD HE VAV HE. While still keeping your arm extended outwards from the stab, trace in blue flame a quarter circle by keeping your arm extended and walking to the south end of the room.

2) Now make the pentagram in the south. This time when you stab intone Adonai (Ad-doh-nay). Trace another quarter circle until you reach the west. There should now be a half circle from the east to the west.

3) In the west, again make the pentagram. Intone Eheieh (Eh-he-yeh). Move to the north in the same manner.

4) Make the last pentagram, and intone AGLA (Ag-gah-lah). Complete the circle of blue flame by having it meet back in the east. You should now be standing in the east again.

5) Extend your hands outward shoulder length with palms facing out. You should resemble the letter T. Say Before me and intone Raphael (Raf-Fie-El). As you vibrate his name, see a tall archangel dressed in yellow, holding the caduceus wand standing before you.

6) While still facing the east say Behind me and vibrate Gabriel (Gav-re-el). Imagine a giant archangel behind you holding a cup and wearing blue robes.

7) Say, At my right hand and intone Michael (Mi-kay-el), and envision him as a tall archangel wielding a sword and dressed in red.

8) Now say, At my left hand and vibrate the archangels name of Uriel (Your-ee-el). Visualize Uriel as a tall archangel wearing brown and holding a pentacle.

9) Intone Around me flame the pentagrams and within me shines the six rayed star. As you say that visualize the flaming pentagrams around you again. Then imagine a six pointed star inside of your chest that is brilliant like the sun.



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