practicing the lbrp too many times in one day

practicing the lbrp too many times in one day (

scorpionhunter21 07-10-2004 10:47 AM


practicing the lbrp too many times in one day

IS it possible to practice the LBRP too many times in one day?

Ashnook 07-10-2004 11:22 AM


I would have to say NO unless you feel it is. Ive never had hill efects from it. Heck Ive known mages in here that have practiced it SEVERAL times in a row. My only suggestion would be to take a break fer a few hours if you raise to much energy at one time.

scorpionhunter21 07-10-2004 11:26 AM


the reason i asked this was because i'm starting to actually practice evocations and i want to get the LBRP remembered that way i won't have to look at a piece of paper ... or something like that

Ashnook 07-10-2004 12:08 PM


Honestly, I dont want to be rude but you should have the LBRP memorized long before you start evokations.

scorpionhunter21 07-10-2004 12:18 PM


thats the point of practicing it alot of times in a day, thus the point of my question

Ashnook 07-10-2004 12:59 PM


Originally Posted by scorpionhunter21
the reason i asked this was because i'm starting to actually practice evocations

You may have meant WANT TO GET into evokations. Either way, I would suggest reading the thread "Dangers of evokation".

I AM 07-10-2004 01:44 PM


While I do not think you will be harmed by doing the LBRP many times a day you probably will NOT help yourself much either. Yes, you may memorize it quicker and that is a good thing. But the other benefits may not come to you if you practice the LBRP many times in a short time period.

You can do the LBRP once a day for 90 days or you can do the LBRP 90 times (assuming it was actually possible) in one day. IMHO, while your memory of the Ritual will certainly be enhanced you will not build your Aura the way you should. In my opinion it is far better to do the Ritual twice a day for EXTENDED time periods (months and years). This builds your Aura, balances you, and has so many other benefits that I do not think I can list them here.

Your LBRP should be a STRONG Ritual prior to summoning any entity but certainly if you are going to summon Goetics. You can never have too much protection. Instead of rushing into the Magick, take the time to build yourself Magickally. The Goetics have been around forever. They will wait a few more months for you.

Humbly, I AM

Redeemer 07-10-2004 06:29 PM


If you want to commit it to memory faster just take your notes to bed with you and perform it in your imagination before going to sleep. Your brain assimilates daily information at the end of the day in the reverse order in which it was received. Therefore if it is the last thing you do, it will be given priority. Also, it will help you astrally. That way you can do one physical one during the day, and one imagined one at night.

Master of the Abyss 07-10-2004 11:40 PM


I don't think your advice makes much sense Redeemer. Surely that would be a useful method for a person not willing to invest much time in practice, but for one with the, excuse me, balls to spend on practical magic half the hours most people waste watching TV, astral LBRPs before sleep are a step down, not up. Also, intense, prolonged rituals are always reflected in dreams, so multiple LBRPs on one day would automatically include the effect of imagining one before sleep.

IS it possible to practice the LBRP too many times in one day?

Yes, if you aren't careful. You will find that with repetition, the ritual changes, and that you change too. Your visualizations will likely become more and more intense, the speed at which you perform the ritual will ebb and flow, and you will feel dreamy, uplifted and, in a subtle way, very happy. This is the theta state, a state of deep trance. It makes you more susceptible to ideas and increases learning, which is why during a single session of, say, 40 LBRPs, you will probably develop a much closer relationship to the concepts of the LBRP than if you did 2 per day for 20 days.

However, you should be aware that by going through this, you are basically performing a brainwash on yourself. Your increased susceptibility means that what you experience will have much greater than usual consequences on your personality and while it is not difficult to get the precise change you want (i.e. greatly enhanced ability to use the LBRP), you will have to be exceptionally careful not to let ideas slip in that could benefit from this particular environment at the expense of the desired change.

You might, for example, feel like you are a particularly skillful magician. If you allow this thought to remain in the back of your head for the time of your ritual series, it will imprint itself on you and you'll emerge from the ritual with a greater ego. (In a different metaphor, you will have fed it with the energy you raise in the LBRPs.) You can use this effect for imprinting any suggestions you want, but if you just want to practice LBRP, you need to take care you concentrate on the ritual itself. Fortunately, this gets easier over time. If you have great difficulty getting rid of distractions, try and meditate for a while in the middle of your circle between LBRPs to clear your mind. If you are unsuccessful in this, however, continuing the ritual series is a serious risk. Minor distractions like thoughts about the archangels might be okay - you decide.

I AM is right in that a single-day effort cannot replace prolonged daily practice. I might add that the reverse is true, too. And for the sake of honesty, I should say that while I've done this sort of thing, I didn't do precise that. IIRC, my longest series of LBRPs was 13 of them, and was interrupted by LRHs and a couple of evocations, so it isn't exactly comparable. I actually couldn't be bothered to do a LBRP-only series since I've done the thing a four-digit number of times and can (literally) do it in my sleep. :) Still, I'd be much interested in your results if you do it.

Horus 07-11-2004 02:41 AM


If you are about to start evokations you should be more concerned with your efficiency at doing the LBRP rather than just memorizing it. Whether or not you have it memoriezed doesn't mean you will have mastered it enough to keep something out or get rid of it.

babyalien 07-11-2004 10:55 PM


if we knew how the lbrp really worked, then we could just do it

spiritoflove 07-12-2004 01:44 AM




In the LBRP we use the Earth pentagram all the time in each 1/4 so why is it invoking if I am supposed to be banishing?

Here is a link from another post...if it's a banishing then how come I am using an invoking pentagram. This link seems there a straight forward LBRP...I have also been using Gevurah (as in Ophiel's books)...

I do the ritual and I notice the energy of my self and my home become "still" serene...though it is as though there is an invisible silky mist that descends or lingers in my this the affect of this ritual? A lot of books just give the rituals but do not describe the affects or the benefits can someone enlighten me...' Also do we ever use the Banishing Pentagram in ths LBR?

I am not rushing into other rituals just sticking with this and sensing energy for a while but want to know your experiences with this how it affects your life, other people around you, and love, health, money, etc...'



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