My first goetic evocation, a success?

endor957 09-06-2004 11:15 AM
Okay so here's what happened folks: I summoned andromalius today so he could return some (serious) property to me.
I planned to do it around 5 this morning but due to me being up till 3, I got around to doing it around 10am.
I went out to this place that I usually go to for any kind of working and I had knew that I was going to get some form of opposition or something on the way there. That's why it came as to no surprise when I had seen cops in the place that I was going.
The place that I'm talking about is this old strip of road that is cut off but if your car gets stolen here in East New York, this is the place to go because the theives take the cars there to strip them and burn them and that was why the po-lice was there.
So I took an alternate route in there and ended up running in the cops. I thought that if they were going to wave their rite to search my backpack and find all my equipment, tools, I would have alot of explaining to do.
But the cop just asked me if I was going through and left me alone.
I made like I left but snuck back in when they were finally gone.
The place that I was setting up for my operation is off this half trail and in the thick grove of woods where I would be undisturbed.
I had been there a few days before to construct my circle and triangle on a few pieces of wood and inscribe the names of god and of angels that I believed in.

So finally I get there and set up everything, I really had with my my wand, colored candles associated with each element, a notebook to jot down info,my copy of the goetia, and my own version of the "bornless" rite.
I put my document that was associated with my loss (with the sigil on back) in the triangle and another sigil on top of it.
The only weird thing that happened was when I had performed the LBRP a spooky gust of wind brushed through the thicket; almost blowing out my candles.
No biggie but being that I was nervous of being found (I mean it was broad day and a bum could of been passing through), that I had messed up my bornless rite and sacred words and pentagrams and such and I had to repeat this process for about 4 times.
Okay so, when I had finally called Andro-nothing out of the ordinary happened (no feeling of fear, change of pressure, etc)
But finally, what appeared to be a huge snake appeared in the triangle. It was there but not there (I don't know if that's what yall refer to as astral?)
And this whispering, growling tone for a voice asked what did I want?
I had asked if it was who I had summoned and it said, yes.
Not believing what I was seeing and thinking that it was of my own mental state, I called Andro- again and when I had closed my eyes, this vision of a great white bulldog was looking at me panting. I was like woah!
Okay, so I had asked it (him?) if he could do the things that my book said he could and in a smart ass tone he said, "what do you think."
I got mad and used my wand and commanded him (claiming authority by GOD ofcourse) for him to answer honestly and to give yes or no answers.
When I had asked againg, in the triangle (in the same lucid vision) was this 4 foot elvish dude with something on his head and from behind him, coming from the trees, I heard a childish voice, saying "yes".
Then I had explained my situation and charged him to return what was mine in full w/out harm to me, friends and fam.
He did request that he wanted energy from my wand so he could do what he needed to do and I was thinking (God-damn,I didn't know that it was that powerful), so I pointed the damned thing at the triangle until I heard him say that was enough.
I would explain more but the rest of what was worked out is a private matter.
But I will say that after my charge, I had given him the license to depart and performed the LBRP again.
I stayed in my circle and still felt like he was still there so when I had asked if he was, (in the same vision) appeared this big white rabbit, twixing his nose.
I had commanded it to leave (more firmly this time) and on his way he was not to hurt, animals, people or plants and he left.
I did my lbrp again and thanked GOD for being there with me and waited in the circle until I felt he was gone (five or six minutes) then I got out, picked up my crap and left.
Now I don't know if what I had experienced was really real or what and I will tell you guys that he didn't test my circle or tempt me. At first I felt his connection but it wasn't strong enough and that was why I had to call him a few more times.
I found him to be alil difficult but I hope that things will work out from there.

I want you guys to know that it wasn't my first choice to post this here because I don't want it to seem like it's cool to do this sought of thing for other beginning people on this site.
When I had first came here, there were many goetic posts on here and the overall feeling that I got from them was that of people talking about these beings as if they were collecting pokemon and that disturbed me.

And I am new to this and I wouldn't of done this if my personal situation hadn't call for it (believe me, it has) and I don't want to encourage this type of thing to beginners looking for a possible easy way to do things just because my experience was okay-to say the least.
And just because things went okay for me (and hopefully, I get what I want!!),doesn't mean that I am going to use the goetia for my problems.

I had intended to share this exp. with a person on here but for some reason they turned off their private messenging.
So I felt that it was the next best thing to post this to you guys.
And I hope that onlyexperienced people in magic look at this and reply with their thoughts.
Thank you:!:

edit: resized painfully small fonts for clarity. F.M.

All_One_Mind 09-06-2004 03:26 PM


endor957, you have bumped into one of the biggest issues in magick, at least in my opinion, on whether or not there is an objective existance to a magickal working, or whether it is all just subjective.

Of course, I feel the proof is in the pudding. Do the results manifest or not? Alot of magicians will warn you about the many astral entities just floating along, that will respond to anything, be it a Oiuji board or a goetic evocation. I feel this is valid myself, and reason enough to test each spirit to the best of your ability. Who knows if its really the spirit you want or just some posser looking to draw some energy. A very extensive testing process, including elemental and planetary correspondances, combined with direct commands from divine authority, using divine names, generally fixes this problem.

The next big issue is whether or not you are talented at skyring. Skepticism is always healthy in any magickal working, and skyring is not an exemption. When I first started skyring, I found that a lot of my own random subconscious crap surfaced, instead of the actual attunement with the astral that I was looking for. I found it necessary to not only quiet my conscious thought, but to take that one step further, and quiet my body and mind together, into an estatic trance state devoid of thought.

In the end, only you can judge whether or not your experience was legitimate or not. I must say that it reminds me quite a bit of my first goetic evocation, though, for whatever that means. Oh, and by the way, that small font size killed my eyes. I had to copy your post into Notepad to read it. Just a heads up there.

endor957 09-08-2004 09:10 AM


thanks for the info all one mind, i will look into that.
i have my reasons as to why i would use the goetia and even if my results posted here are cool or not, i don't want to give off the wrong idea to others to just do this to solve whatever issues he/she might have.
anyway, yeah it's alot of work and there's alot to go into it besides making a fancy circle, candles and other sorts of instruments.

Master of the Abyss 09-08-2004 07:34 PM


What I can gather from your post looks good. I can't be sure it worked, but a successful working could look like what you describe. :) But IMHO, you should have given the guy a deadline so you get your stuff more quickly, and have a clear possibility of verifying whether it worked.

You also made the working unneccessarily hard for yourself by doing it in broad daylight. By night, you usually get more easily visible manifestations, although these tend to be harder to banish.

Grab 09-08-2004 07:47 PM


I find this time aspect fascinating. These beasts live in the akasha where there is no concept of time, so how come some magicians can set deadlines for them?


Master of the Abyss 09-08-2004 09:48 PM


*shrug* No idea. And I'm not sure "they" "live" "in the Akasha", either. I just find setting deadlines is a thing that makes my magic more useful.

I AM 09-08-2004 10:00 PM


First I love for others to share their experiences with the members of this forum. Thank you endor957 for taking the time to share this with us.

I will have to agree with Master of The Abyss's post. One should always give a dealline for the operation.

While it is true that the Goetics do not have the same concept of time that we do, they DO understand OUR concept of time. In my experience they will adhere to deadlines as long as the Magickian imposes them. If, for some reason, they feel the timeline is too aggressive they will tell you and then you can discuss alternatives.

This is my experience.

Humbly, I AM

frabato 09-09-2004 02:48 AM


thank you for sharing your experiance endor,its always interesting to hear others ecperiances and while im here as to wether there is an objective existance to a magickal working, or whether it is all just subjective question is for all to work out on their own but i think both ;-)heh

endor957 09-09-2004 10:27 AM


thank all who applied and greeted me in a welcome to let me know that posting my experiences here is invited.
my update since then is well...nothing had happened yetops: -i even tried a second attempt the other day but this time it was in my room and yes, it was broad daylight.
i have to tell you, (like i have stated in my previous post) just because you have all or most of the materials on hand, it doesn't mean that anything will happen.
i must admit that i was more surfaced-minded because i was paranoid that my neighbors (noisy and annoying ass people) would be eaves dropping on me so I was grumbling the words so I knew that it was not a success but I played it out anyway (lbrp and brp-because the demon or something could be there waiting for you to get out of your circle )
I don't feel bad because I'm getting more familiar with the process; so what I can tell yall about my third attempt is going to be more of my own style of what comes natural to me this time around.
You know I have a growing arsenal of occult books (good books) and I've been searching up and down the net for research and not one person has had a similiar style or similiar experience (magick speaking) as to I.
Everybody has their own opinions about what must be done and what must not be done.
Although I must admit that there are basic guidelines for summoning a spirit (circle, triangle, will, names, etc.,) I find that my magic is not of any known path eventhough I am now learning the ceremonial ways and I guess it's true what they say, "the best magic is your own magic."
Saying all of this, I do not want to come across as egotistical-like I know what I'm doing even though I'm suppose to know what I am doing.
But doing what comes natural to me has been something that I had put of the last two times and maybe that is why I have failed to get no.72.
So this time I am going to get things popping at night time but I am going to re-prepare and I will let yall know what turns up-if I survive-hehe.

and again, I know I have said this before but I will continue to say so to the beginners who come here who might be reading this:
I too am a beginner and although any positive results that I might post here would possible inspire one to do such a thing; I still say wait until you know what you are doing and have an earnest need in doing so. I am in noways an authority in this matter like other people here and I don't think this is a cool thing to toy around with even if it's just to see what happens.
Take care and wish me luck, maybe your thoughts of my success will influence what I want to happen.
oh and by the way, will take in that suggestion of a deadline or rather, i will emphasize that more-thanks-




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