This is about thanking the entities who've helped me...

By endor957


I promised these entities that I would speak of their names to those that they've helped me and I'm only holding up my end.

Now, if you read this and find that I am not mentioning how've they've helped me, please do not ask, I'm won't admit such things because they are very personal to me but I will mention all of them and share my experiences in with them in summary.
That is the best I can do:

Andromalius-I've found him alittle cocky and you have to really let him know that you're the one who's running things. Kind of like some of the people that live around me, they're wolves and you have to show them in your actions that you're not a sheep.
But he's very helpful but he likes to talk alot.

Dantalion-At first he was condescending in a way but when thing were rolling, this guy was the most helpful out of the five because he constantly reported to me the progress of things and he's quite the sex fiend for energy. He's a little nasty when he doesn't get what he wants when he wants it. When he finds it's time for him to collect, he'll let you know. But he gave no problems and was very helpful.

Gremory-She (it?) was a sweetheart, she was very helpful and did me a favor "free of charge" (if there's such a thing with goetians) on the first calling.
You have to watch the way you speak to her and how you ask your questions. She is very sensative and will let you know if you've harped on a wrong cord.
Be very courteous and she will be very nice to you. She's a come and go type of entity like, "okay, I got your charge, is that it, I have to go", but she was good to me.

Bune-Okay, this guy likes to feel very important, and he seemed like he didn't trust me too much. I guess something bad happened with the last person who's conjured him. He tested my circle many times and he's a big fellar. He likes to feel like he's in charge on some level, like you should be honored to have him in your presence but he did his job. In summary, he's a MIGHTY ONE.

Purson-This guy is a happy go lucky type of spirit or he was to me. He answered all my questions honestly and he had a jester type of mentality. But he did me no wrong and he helped me alot.

In summary, my experience might very well differ from yours but I hope my experiences alone have given y'all a general idea as to what their personal nature's like.
So to the goetians, "thanks guys!"

And this will be my official last post for a while, don't know when I'll be back. It could be for a few days, a few weeks, a month-who knows but I enjoyed most of the threads in this particular forum, met some cool people on this site and I've enjoyed myself. So thanks guys and I'll be back sooner or later.
One more thing, to anybody who's beginning this form of magick, my experiences lead me to say; like in everything in life, take everything with a grain of salt but have a pouch of humor under your belt of wisdom. Have fun but WATCH WHAT YOU DO and know to the core, WHY YOU DO IT!
Take care


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