My first "evocation"

BrowN 08-23-2004 02:44 AM


Before I start, no one laugh at me please? :smile:

Last night, I attempted my first contact with Aphtiph, an elemental king of fire listed in Bardon's Practice of Magical Evocation. I drew his sigil in red on paper.

I first meditated on the sigil, performed a LBRP and then a LIRP invoking fire. The room seemed to take on a different, reddish glow and I (or the room, I'm not sure) became hot. Next, I sat and gazed upon the sigil while vibrating the name Aphtiph.

I did this for maybe 10 minutes before I started to feel something in the room, and I stopped vibrating when I swore I heard footsteps (No one was upstairs that night and the footsteps were coming from the part of the room I had performed the LBRP and LIRP).

The footsteps continued for a few seconds and then quit, so I resumed vibrating the name. Soon, I began feeling a bit lightheaded and started seeing something black against the ceiling of my room. It was large and circular and encompassed most of the ceiling. I'm not sure if it was some sort of hallucination, or if I was just overexcited, or what I was seeing.

I must have passed out, because after that I only remember waking up on the floor in the morning. No cramps, which surprised me.

I told Aphtiph to appear before me and talk to me once I started hearing the footsteps, and again when I saw the black mass. Do you guys think I was just crazy, or had I actually contacted something... ?

I'm thinking I'll try again tonight if everything goes as planned. Or, if you guys have other advice for me, I might alter my approach or try a different entity.

Overflowed_Buffer 08-23-2004 03:04 AM


You could have contacted something, and you may want to banish a few times and work on focusing at your circle could be that something affected you through the circle which is not a good thing.

However, evocations and these ceremonies in general can be very stressful on a person, especially if you follow them in accordance to some grimoires that ask for fasting, drugs, etc. You could have passed out from exhaustion, mental and physical, or out of stress or excitement. It has happened to me before, but not in a magical setting.

Just me though

LadyHydralisk 08-23-2004 06:42 AM


Brown, how well is your third eye sight developed, and have you completed Initiation Into Hermetics?

BrowN 08-23-2004 06:46 AM



My third eye and astral senses are pathetically weak. Know of any good exercises? :)

No, I have not completed it. I have only read it over. Would you suggest I do that first? His consecrations-this and purify-this, gather-your-billion-tools approach is annoying and a big turn-off for me. Though I suppose I could just ignore all that.

LadyHydralisk 08-23-2004 07:00 AM


Follow Initiation into Hermetics, dot every i and cross every t in your practice of it. I remember those lessons like the back of my hand since I was 13, but I never read Bardon until last year.

If you want a quicker path, I don't know of one.

If you want invisible presence of an entity, I suggest you leave out the tools and just do the exercises. If you want physical manifestation, you must have all of the tools and possibly more.

Would you perform a scientific experiment without a laboratory and proper equipment?

BrowN 08-23-2004 07:15 AM


Well, many scientific experiments don't involve lab equipment :D

But I see your point. I think I will do this. Thank you Lady.

Overflowed_Buffer 08-23-2004 09:47 AM


I've read that you don't need all the tools in all these grimoires and such to have physical manifestation, but you will have to help them out by creating a friendly environment similar to their sepheroth. I guess this counts as equipment though.

BrowN 08-23-2004 09:59 AM


Overflowed, you got me thinking back to a while ago when someone posted asking if all those tools are required and I remember Lady saying something like "None of that's really necessary, like for example the robe, it was hot last night and I didn't wear much at all during my ritual." I'm out of time to look it up for tonight.

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I still don't see why a consecrated ritual dagger, wand, robe, altar, candles, talismans, ritually cleansing bathing, etc. are necessary to achieve physical evocation of an entity.

But of course, I'm just a beginner, what would I know :lol:
Feel free to enlighten me!

Overflowed_Buffer 08-23-2004 10:11 AM


Lol, indeed brown, indeed. However, I think that you need something to help the being manifest, as some of them aren't as skilled in this sepheroth.

Edit: Woohoo, my 100th post!

LadyHydralisk 08-23-2004 11:39 AM


I have no idea what you two are talking about, I think this magic is too advanced for me to discuss.

Overflowed_Buffer 08-23-2004 05:16 PM


I will add this though. I think that perhaps the consecration is just another method of linking the tools to the divine source of energy, and therefore an extension of that power and energy. I'm not very educated in chaos magic, but isn't this a little bit "chaotic" in the sense of the magic?

fiat_lux_777 08-23-2004 05:43 PM



It seems apparent that many people misunderstand the importance of magickal tools. They are not necessary....after a period of time. The tools are akin to training wheels on a bike...they help you get where you want to go, but after a while become superfluous. However, few people can simply jump on a bike for the first time and pedal off into the sunset without their assistance.

As for "physical" manifestation...often a vehicle will need to be provided....something as simple as incense smoke will often do. However, "physical" manifestation is quite rare....especially if you are seeking to gain this - remember the "lust of result" caveat!

Allow the entity to communicate as it wishes, instead of trying to force it into a pre-conceived mould.

93 93/93


Rywads 08-23-2004 09:31 PM


Yeah if the magical tools had power children's toys would be dangerous and highly illegal.

Heh. But still, this has made it to labeling in japan:

*Costume does not give superpowers.



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