Differences between methods of evocation

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YHVH 07-09-2004 06:05 PM


Differences between methods of evocation

Well, as you know, there is a variety of suggested methods of evocation, so I will list here the ones I know (I do not own the "Book of Solomon's Magic", someone post its method here please!), which claim to be effective. Of course, the number 1 requirement is effective banishing.


- Konstantinos' Method /// Scrying, Astral Projection (but he gives good exercises)
-Bardon's method /// Being already an adept, capable of doing easily all the small miracles described in his 1st book
- Kraig's method /// You must have a trained seer in your pocket
- DuQuette's method /// No requirements at all!

As you see, the requirements are quite different. Bardon wants an adept, Konstantinos teaches one to become skilled in a variety of subjects, Kraig requires a good seer, DuQuette is satisfied with an UNconsecrated wand!!!

How is it possible that ALL of them are effective? Has anyone tried DuQuette's method? Why do you think that Konstantinos claims no physical evocation is possible without AP, while Lon doesn't even mention it?
And why the heck are threads concerning evocations so common in the CM forum?

Internet will be out of my reach for a few days, but please share your oppinions!

blackarts34 07-10-2004 02:41 AM


The Book Of Solomons Magick is Cloke Runyon's method. Its similar to Konstantinos method because a dark mirror is required but your not exactly scrying. Runyon considers it more of a auto-hypnotic technique were you view the spirit using your own reflection as a focal point. The spirit is suppose to speak through you in this method. I found this confusing because it seems like this is crossing over into an invocation though others might disagree. My confusion on the subject matter of evocation came from the fact that there are so many methods of accomplishing it. I don't know how all can be effective. But in the end you have to experiment until you find the one that works for you. I tried all the methods you listed except for Bardons. What worked for me was Hyatt and Blacks method which is similar to Duquette's except they recommend performing an evocation over an extended period of time as oppose to the do it once and forget about it approach.


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