Summoning of the Archangel Michael

by Aaron Leitch

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Wednesday, 9-6-06, 7:46pm (Date/Time chosen after social concerns- job/domestic- and negative astrological conditions ruled out all Sundays in September and all but this time on Wednesday. Sadly, this had to be done as the Sun was setting- however it was an Hour of Sol.)

The purpose of the evocation was to call upon Michael as the warrior and exorcist, to ask him how to break chronic mundane issues that have been troubling us, drive away nuisance spirits, etc. This is actually the beginning of an extended series of evocations for this purpose. (This was also the very first time we have summoned Michael to our new home.)

In this first session, we wanted to focus particularly upon our house cats- who have been plagued with sickness since we moved into our new house just a few months ago. (All different issues, unrelated to each other. One, a kitten, got bronchitis and pulled through, only to get a bad fever a few weeks later. He pulled through that as well. We then discovered that two cats- a brother and sister- had genetic problems, and we lost one of them. Now another cat is very ill, and the vet says that she is not making new red blood cells. Though it seems against the odds, this cat really seems to be recovering - but we won't know for sure until another week or so has passed.) Our intent in calling Michael (rather than the Healer Raphael) was not so much to heal the cat who is currently sick, as to drive away the evil forces that appear to be attacking all of our pets.

As an interesting note: during the days leading up to this evocation, we have had several instances of odd buzzing, growling and large shadowy shapes moving around the house. The day before the evocation itself, we lost power to the house - and the problem can not be fixed until tomorrow. (That's three days with no power!) The evocation itself was almost de-railed because of this, but we perservered and went through with it anyway. All in all, we got the distinct impression that something around us did NOT want this summoning of Michael to take place.

Preparations involved a seven-day vegetarian fast. I did not recite invocations to Michael on these days like I should have (which I will remedy next time). However, we did spend these seven days preparing all things for the ceremony. We created a Talisman of Michael, obtained a yellow 7-day candle, prepared solar incense (frank., copal, benzoin), prepared a solar offering (dates, raisins, a lemon, an orange and hot yellow peppers), wrote the necessary invocations, etc.
Finally, we observed a complete fast for the 12 hours before the ceremony. I performed all necessary consecrations at about 2:30 that afternoon- the day and hour of Mercury. My wife painted the Talisman at this same time- with consecrated instruments, paints and ink.

Temple set-up was standard for us: Two altars- one in the east and one in the center of the room. The eastern Altar is white, and represents our Temple's Holy of Holies. The central altar could have been covered in yellow for the Sun, but we stuck with white for that as well. Present for this Rite were myself (the master of ceremony), my wife (our skryer) and two observers. (These two were invited to take part in the skrying, but chose instead to remain silent for this, their first time with us in a full Solomonic evocation.)

Procedure began with the shortened version of the Solomonic bath. I went first, so that I could open the Holy of Holies while the others took their turns in the bath. I performed the standard Abramelin prayers and invoked my Guardian Angel. After all were present in the Temple, I opened with a recitation of three lines from the Book of Loagaeth - which lines Edward Kelley referred to as "A Preface to the Creation of Angels" and two "Invitations to Good Angels." I followed these with Angelical Keys One and Two- which serve to summon the "Kings and Ministers of Government" (the Seven Archangels).

Afterward, I recited Solomonic-style invocations to the Most High to send Michael, and then to Michael to appear as the warrior/protector.

Finally, according to instructions in Dee's journals, I began recitation of the 7 Penitential Psalms until my skryer reported Michael had arrived.

The result was good, considering this was the first of a series of evocations. However it didn't go exactly as I had planned. Where I had wanted to lead Michael toward Santerian-style magickal advice (such as: "To break this curse, make X offering to Y God or Angel at Z time and place, etc."), Michael just wouldn't be led that way. He insisted we have the knowledge to rid ourselves of the offending spirits, but we must pray to the Highest God with a joyous heart, etc. (He was fairly vague - but we'll see what comes of later evocations.) I then began to ask him about our cats - but he cut me off and told us to bring our currently-sick cat to him. He said he could make no promises, but he would aid her. (We'll see what comes of this in about a week.) After he put the cat down, he swiftly departed.

We offered thanks and told him we would leave the solar-food offering either on the Altar in the Temple, or on his own Altar (which is near our front door). We will likely do that sometime tomorrow after our power problem is repaired. (Hard to work with food in the dark!)

There is no clear conclusion to this one - though we didn't really expect one. We've initiated a new process, and the lesser spirits of the house (who worked so hard to stop us from calling Michael) now see that we mean serious business. We expect Michael's mere presence in the house to have a positive effect.




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