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I find it funny how so many new people to ceremonial magick flock straight to evocation. I am sure that they lust for the fabled deals with demons. After all, isnt that a good way to become famous? Isnt that how all those rock stars got famous? Besides, wouldnt it be cool if someone fucked you over, if you could just call up Agares and have them rip their throats out!!! No body would mess with you then, right? God� can you imagine all the MONEY or SEX you could get from DEMONS!!!!

Yeah, hate to burst anyones bubble, but evocation has nothing to do with that. In fact, evocation is pretty much the cardinal opposite of what I just described. You see, there are five requirements for evocation. They are:

1) A strong need for a desired result.
2) The name, identity, and sigil of the entity you wish to evoke.
3) A medium for the entity to appear with, and protection from the entity.
4) An incantation demanding the entitys appearance.
5) The Knowledge that you ARE the microcosm of God, and therefore have all the power of God, since thou art that.

Unfortunately, the last requirement pretty much excludes one from having any success with evocation unless it is done for the right reasons. You see, if your motivations for evocation are to further your material addictions for SEX, MONEY, FAME, or other such illusions, you will undoubtedly be too lost in samsara to realize that are you are the microcosm of God. As they say, as above, so below . If you are the microcosm of God then you have the power of the macrocosmic God as well.

The knowledge that you are God is not intellectual, however� it is knowledge that is only gained through experience. Any evocation that is not done with this type of knowledge of your divinity will fail. So where can one acquire such direct experience? Through years and years of ritual practice. Thus a fifth requirement could be derived from the fourth, A STRONG FOUNDATION IN RITUAL MAGICK.

I wrote this to put forth clearly the fact that a beginner in magick cannot successfully evocate 99% of the time. A bare minimum of a year would be required, but I should note that I didnt do my first evocation until after nearly 6 years of practice� and that was almost honestly too soon.
When the magician has gained the experience of being God through the practice of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the Middle Pillar, or any other method or means, AND the individual is able to KNOW this with certainty anytime at WILL, then they are ready for evocation. With that aside, lets discuss the actual art of evocation.

Any work of magick requires a strong desire for the targeted result. It is like anything else, the more you want it, the more energy you will expend to get it. If your goal for evocation is one that you could care less about, it makes it almost impossible to summon the necessary energy that is required for a successful evocation. So the first step is to have a strong desire for something, which borders on the threshold of a need.
Now we need to figure out what spirit is appropriate for our desire. This is when our grimoires come in handy. Most grimoires have a list of spirits, their descriptions, and their sigils. For example, if you strongly desired to learn Hebrew, you would open up our grimoire, in this case the Goetia. You would then read the descriptions of the spirits until you found one that meet your needs. In our case, the second spirit, Agares is said teach all Languages or Tongues.e

Now that we have identified the entity we wish to invoke, we need to use his sigil. The text of the Goetia says that we should wear his sigil as a layman. I have used a torn off corner from a piece of notebook paper and hung it from one of my buttons on my shirt before. That is probably not the best way, but it worked. If you know the planetary correspondence to the entity, you may wish to use colored paper that Qabalistically corresponds to the planet. In our example, Agares is a Duke. The Dukes sigils are traditionally engraved in Copper. Copper is traditionally the planet of Venus. Thus you could use a green piece of colored paper to write the sigil on. Either way, paper should suffice. Engraving and casting sigils into various metals is just not practical. The sigil is mainly used as something to hypnotize the magician into the same wavelength as the spirit, at least in my experience.

The next thing you need is some kind of medium to evoke the entity to. I have never evoked an entity to the purely physical plane, so I will not cover that here. Rather, some method of scrying is normally used. A picture frame, in which the back is spray painted black works great. Normally a magickal triangle is used, but this is not necessary� unless you believe that it is. Nevertheless, for most beginners I advice the magick triangle. You can attach your magick mirror behind it so that the mirror is visible in the circle in the middle of the triangle. The triangle is outlined in black, the name of Michael is broken into three and is written in black on white ground. Finally, the three Names Tetragrammaton, Primeumaton, and Anaphaxeton are written in red. I constructed mine out of poster board and glued it to the mirror.

Obviously you will need some skill in scrying to have success. If youre new to scrying, I recommend Benjamin Rowes excellent article, which can be read here.

So what about the complicated chalk circle that must be laboriously drawn on the floor. Forget about it. The

circle that you are going to make is a lot more powerful and much more meaningful. The mirror is to be placed outside of this circle, since the circle is made to protect you from what you may be calling. Because of this, the circle I suggest that you construct is out of the pure light of the Divine. Conduct the LBRP and the Middle Pillar ritual. Using the divine power that you have connected with from those rituals, funnel the light of Kether through your being, and into your hand or dagger. Have the light of Kether flow from your fingertips and erect a barrier between you, and the world outside of you. Move in a very slow circular movement, vibrating divine names as you go. Visualize the Hebrew or other divine names flowing from your mouth and into the circle as you utter them. Know that you are God as you do this, and this is Gods Will that you are doing. Continue constructing the circle until you have come all the way around.

The final thing that must be done is an incantation, or a call for the entity to appear. However, since you have the power of God, this is traditionally more of a command, rather than a request. I always make my own conjuration up, as the spirit moves me to say. However, it always ends up being something similar to the basic conjuration found in the Goetia, which appended, is as follows:

I DO invocate and conjure thee, O Spirit, _______ and being with power armed from the SUPREME MAJESTY, I do strongly command thee, by BERALANENSIS, BALDACHIENSIS, PAUMACHIA, and APOLOGIAE SEDES; by the most Powerful Princes, Genii, Liachidee, and Ministers of the Tartarean Abode; and by the Chief Prince of the Seat of Apologia in the Ninth Legion, I do invoke thee, and by invocating conjure thee. And being armed with power from the SUPREME MAJESTY, I do strongly command thee, by Him Who spake and it was done, and unto whom all creatures be obedient. Also I, being made after the image of GOD, endued with power from GOD and created according unto His will, do exorcise thee by that most mighty and powerful name of GOD, EL, strong and wonderful; O thou Spirit _________.

You will notice that even in the Goetic evocation, several key elements are present. The authority and divinity of the magician are verbalized, names of power are invoked, and the spirit is commanded to manifest. The conjuration should be done either while staring at the sigil, or after staring at it. The more and more you stare at the sigil, the better. It is your doorway to that spirits plane.

You then must utilize your scrying abilities so that you can see the entity. If you are having problems, it may be on your end. Dont be so quick to blame the entity, or to punish them. First make sure that you are not deficient in one of the required areas. If you can feel the spirit, but cannot see him very well, I recommend visualizing his sigil in the mirror strongly. This usually helps immensely.

When you have achieved conversation with the spirit, be polite, and courteous. You are speaking usually speaking with something very very old. If you are arrogant or rash, you are not practicing your divinity correctly. God is tempered and merciful. You should be the same way. Make your demands but do not accept a trade nor deal with the entity, unless you feel extremely comfortable with the deal. I, myself, do not make any trades or deals. When I evocate, my Will is the Will of Gods, and it is not negotiable. Others feel differently, however. Just be careful with any deals you make, and always honor them.

When you are done, it is important that you command the spirit to depart, and make sure that he does just that. Do not take down your circle. Rather, conduct the LBRP with the circle up. This should banish everything, including the circle. Conduct the Middle Pillar, and the Fountain of Light, and then forget that this even happened.

So, to re-cap in a nutshell:

1) Have a strong desire
2) Find a spirit who can satisfy that desire
3) Construct the spirits sigil
4) Set up the triangle in the east
5) Conduct the LBRP, Middle Pillar, and Fountain of Light
6) Construct the magick circle
7) Evocate the spirit
8) Scry the spirit in the mirror
9) Demand that your wishes be fulfilled
10) Banish the entity
11) Conduct the LBRP, Middle Pillar, and Fountain of Light

My first Goetic Summoning (Edited from a post at Occultforums):
I honestly I don't think someone without a strong magickal background could successfully do an evocation. You need a foundation to fall back on. You need to have the firm conviction that what you are doing is working. Most importantly, you need to have established a connection with your higher power. When I command spirits, I command them with the power and authority of God. It is not I who commands the spirits, it is the Divine within me that commands them. Until one has forged that link I feel it is impossible to have authority over a spirit. If however, you have done the necessary work up until this point, the art of evocation should not be that difficult at all.

As an example of a successful evocation, I will detail my first real evocation. At the time I had just reached the sphere of Netzach and had not begun any of the work to ascend past the grade. I was also still holding onto a large chunk of my ego as well. In my life, I had become frustrated as a musician and especially as a vocalist. I decided to see if the demons of lore, or more accurately of the Goetia could possibly alleviate this ego thirst for talent. I got the results musically that I was looking for, but more importantly I overcame the egotistical desire for the desired results.

I used a method similar but different from Donald Kraig's method, which I described in detail above. I set up a small magic mirror which was surrounded with the traditional magic triangle detailed in the Goetia, and set it to the east. I did not construct a circle out of chalk, but rather, when the time came I cast a mental magick circle. Neither did I engrave the sigil in the metal of the spirit, but rather I wrote the sigil on a piece of notebook paper. Of course to start out, I performed the LBRP, the Middle Pillar, and the Fountain of Light. Then I focused the light of Kether from my Crown, into Geburah (or more accurately THROUGH Geburah) and into my dagger. I constructed a circle of pure divine light and sealed it continually with divine names. The circle in fact, was so powerful, that I could see it. It was definitely the most powerful circle I have ever cast, but it wasn't from me. That light came from Kether. After bathing in the Fountain of Lights, I channeled the light from Kether into my dagger and very slowly cast the circle. I vibrated divine names as I cast the circle, and as I vibrated them, I envisioned them in Hebrew descending from Kether, and into the circle. From that point I knew the ritual would be a success.

The circle was way more visible than Dantalion was most of the time. I had seen circles before, but never quite like this. It was clearly visible. Looking at anything outside the circle made it seem like it was looking out of a force field.
I felt compelled by my higher self to evoke the spirit using my own words, instead of reading something someone else created. The decision to do so was spontaneous. I had initially planned on reading the standard evocations set forth in the Goetia. After channeling the divine energy I still felt totally connected to Kether and my higher self. It told me what to say. Then, later on when I went back and looked at the standard Goetic conjuring, I had said basically the same thing, only in a lot less words. Rather than trying to feel full of authority from another author's work, I was sure of my divine authority speaking through me. It was purely the Divine which commanded the spirit, not this ego.

When I completed the evocation, I could feel a presence, but I couldn't see it. I commanded the spirit to manifest in visible form, inside the mirror. Dantalion manifested in a lot of different ways. Initially he spoke to me (in my mind, but easily recognizable as an external mental voice) telling me that he was indeed here. I commanded him to manifest in an attractive appearance. He then was visible in the mirror for a brief second as a naked women, but then he disappeared again, leaving the weird black smoke stuff that I see when scrying. I commanded him to take any form that was pleasing to the eye, and stay visible. He complained that my mirror was too small and that I hadn't given him a lot of energy to manifest with. So at this point I visualized his sigil in the mirror very intensely. As I visualized his sigil, it was like he was a fire being fed fuel. His presence was magnified and he appeared like a man. His energy level was so strange and so... ancient. It kind of shocked me, and I broke my concentration on visualizing his sigil. At that point he went back to being the voice, except I could see him every now and then through the "smoke".

Although he was pretty amendable he did test the strength of my circle. It was a little after I finished the evocation. And it was obvious. He slammed against the circle very hard. I perceived it on many levels. Visually it was blackness, but more over whelming was the psychic bang. The energy was instantly recognizable and unmistakable. I rebuked him instantly and made it a point to bind him to the triangle, vibrating several Divine names. I was not worried however, because my circle was impenetrable. He hit that thing like a brick wall.




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