Evocation of Raum

By Marcus

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This Ritual was performed on:
An iv9 Sol 17° Sagittarius, Luna 3° Libra Dies Saturnii
Saturday, December 08, 2001 e.v. 8:39:29 PM

Raum is the Fortieth Spirit listed in the Goetia, who governs 30 Legions. He appears as a crow, but will take on human form if commanded. His abilities include stealing treasures from the homes of Kings, destroy cities & dignities of men, reveal the past & present, & to cause love between friends & foes.


The Evocation of Raum was part of a sympathetic, magical ritual performed on behalf of a friend who desired the return of a loved one. It seems that love removed inspires people to seek out the spirits... or at least someone to do it on their behalf! Well once more into the breech my friend......


I set up the temple complete with a circle constructed of white rope which within its confines contained the fully adorn altar....and by adorn I mean every corner of the altar contained had its proper elemental component:

east: sword
south- Red candle
west: -cup
north- pentacle and Hexagram of Earth

Outside of the circle approximately 3 feet to the East contained the Triangle of the Art... at each point of the Triangle there were Red candles....and inside contained the following: seal of the spirit Raum, incense, picture and personal effects of the person I was trying to reunite with my friend.



I began with the LBRP followed by the LBRH.....I then performed the Greater Ritual of the Pentagram because I felt a sense of unbalance in the environment.....I then followed this with the Greater Ritual of the Hexagram using the planet of Mars.....and last but not least the Bornless Ritual.....I then performed the First Conjuration using the Enochian Language and inserting the spirit Raum's name. I had not even completed the first Call when I felt a very powerful presence in the room! Then without thinking I took the knife on the altar and cut my left hand and let the Blood flow onto the red candle on the south side of the Altar.....as soon as the blood hit the flame.....the candles around the triangle started making a loud popping sound and the flames were dancing in a sporadic fashion! I then moved to the front of the altar facing the triangle.....and stated my requests and time frames for completion...and after I was finished the spirit communicated that it had something to show me. At that time I sat down in front of the altar and closed my eyes....I then received a vision of a small boy who was carrying a watering pot....the boy poured the water onto my head.....then smiled and asked me if I had any questions??? I then preceded to ask the spirit if there was anything I could do in the future to make contact easier??(this is a question I always ask....for some spirits will give you certain words, pictures, sigils, etc.....that make it easier to contact them) The Spirit responded by showing me various shades of the color orange.....it also stated that I should use incense of a more "watery nature" in the future. I then asked the spirit if he could perform my requests within the given time frames? The spirit responded by telling me that he would fulfill the requests, but only if the person who desires the return of the loved one, performed some tasks first. So I asked: what tasks?? He then gave me detailed instructions of certain articles that I was supposed to give to my friend....and what he was to do with those articles. The articles involved some of the personal effects of the lost love, a candle with the engraved seal of Raum on the bottom, and a specific incense....Now my friend was to light the candle and then the incense.....he was then to take some the personal effects and perform various tasks.....and he was to keep performing these tasks until the incense was totally burned out.....He was then to take the candle and put it by his bedside and let it burn throughout the night. Now the last thing he was to do, was to give a certain amulet, to his ex-lover in person and not say a word.....(Now this was possible because he knew where his ex- love worked.)


Well, after relaying all this info. to my friend....He took the articles, and performed the tasks prescribed by the spirit (or so he said).....So what happened? Did his lover come back?? Well......the answer is YES! His lover showed up at his door 2 weeks later!! Task accomplished! RIGHT? Well, they were together, but not happy forever:( But that is a another story!


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40. Raum - Justice; Luck; Loss.




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