Evocation of Michael

by Frater Osiris 7/23/01

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Sun Temple 8:30-9:00 p.m.
[S. was the Seer. LBRP. Standard evocation. Identified and greeted.]

I have a few questions for you today. My first question is: I have recently made this Goetic Triangle, and when I went to consecrate it I noticed that there are no consecration rituals in either the Lesser or Greater Key concerning the Triangle of Art. Can you tell me why?
The information you have is not complete. There is much more there that they never show you.
I see. Still, I would have thought such a thing would be included in the Greater Key--it has incantations and purifications for your shoes!
It was not included because they did not know of it. Others have found it but refuse to publish it, wanting them only for their personal collection.
I wrote one for myself that seems to work rather well. This Triangle feels very powerful to myself.
It is very nicely done. You should be commended for that.
It was about time to have at least that piece of �formal� furniture. Anything else concerning the Triangle of Art?
[Pause.] It is an important tool that is often overlooked.
How is that?
It is a gateway that you open. Once opened, it forever changes it. The more times you open it, the more powerful it becomes. Its connections to different places increases.
I do not understand what you mean by a gateway. Please elaborate.
The Triangle becomes a link to other worlds. It is your own gateway to those worlds. You may one day be able to seek out those other worlds through the triangle. You are not ready for this yet.
Let me know when the time comes. I would be very interested in that.
It is still a long way off.
Then it is something to strive towards. Anything else concerning this matter?
The Triangle creates its own life. Since you have created your own Triangle, it is connected to yours and to your world. You must be careful what you allow near it.
Could you further explain?
All I can say... those who wish to may draw energy out of it. That is not its purpose, and it will weaken it.
How may I guard against this phenomenon?
Do not allow anyone who wishes to disrupt this temple inside this room.
I don�t intend to. I also asked you to help me protect it, so I know it�s good.
As long as you do not invite in those who will disrupt it, I will protect it.
I realize that it is up to my own indiscretion. I will be more careful with the triangle. Moving right along... another question for you. This book [Armadel]--are you familiar with it?
I don�t understand its nature. Furthermore, you�re in it, or at least your name is.
Many things are attributed to me.
I have a question about this grimoire. [Opened to entry/sigil of Michael in Armadel.] What would happen if I were to use this sigil, rather than the one that I am familiar with, to evoke you?
You would get what you asked for.
Would it be you, or a slightly different version thereof?
I am of all shades of all colors.
Do you have any further advice as far as experimenting with this book?
The results that you get out of it may be different than that which you are used to.
Different in what way?
The nature of those energies are different than other books.
Understood. I have two other grimoires to ask you about: the Grimorium Verum and the Grimoire of Honorius. Those work much in the same manner as the Goetia, do they not?
[Pause.] [He�s looking it up.] Much more work must be put into them before you do them.
Then perhaps I will consult you about this at a later date.
They can be done now, but you must be prepared to know what you�re getting into.
So, what am I getting into?
You will learn lessons from them that some may not be able to handle. You must be sure that you can deal with what you get from them.
I do not believe you would have a tremendous amount of problems with them, but I would wait until your life is more settled than it is now.
OK. Thank you. I will consult you at a later date on that, but I was curious. Two more questions. Getting back to the Goetia. The spirits of the Goetia have certain ranks: Earls, Dukes, etc. Are those really necessary in matters of evocation?
If you seek to use more than one at a time, they are. It is an army. The hierarchy is in there for a reason, but rarely used. There may be dire consequences for it.
I�ve never summoned anybody at the top of the hierarchy. Would I have any problem with that?
It is not difficult.
I didn�t think it would be.
Many wars have been fought with them, and those like them.
I don�t want to fight wars with them. I just want to get them working for me like the rest.
Remember that the highest of them is you.
That is the truth. The Demon Osiris. One further question. A couple of years ago, there was a man who taught me some of the basic techniques [of Goetic evocation] that I have refined over the last couple of years. He had talked about appointing the best and most loyal of the Goetic spirits in one�s employ to serve as an overseer or master of the other spirits. You could talk to him and find out who to send off for a task, and also he would manage them so that they were not counterproductive or interfering with each other.
That is what the hierarchy is meant for.
So I should use the existing hierarchy rather than create one of my own?
You may promote or demote as you wish. The spirits themselves work best with the original order, unless you can convince them otherwise.
I�ll have to think about that. Do you suggest then that I call up one of the four great Kings Goetic spirits? Should I call upon one of them, bring him under my command, and command him to perform this function, to manage my spirits?
If you do this, be careful who you select. Choose one that feels right to you.
Are we talking about Kings?
Are there not four of them that rule above and beyond the others?
Their powers are equal to all of them. There is no one greater spirit than the rest. Some can manage others better than others.
I�ll look into that. I already have one of the Kings in my employ. Any other advice on this matter, concerning the Goetia or any of my Goetic work?
Be careful that you keep track of them all. Do not let them slip away.
This brings up an interesting question. What do I do with them when I don�t have anything for them to do?
Release them from your service.
I just tell them to go, and that�s it?
It is best to thank them, and reward them if you�re going to do that.
My point is that I don�t need to keep them busy all the time, each one of them.
Good to know. Is there anything else that I should do besides thanking them, rewarding them and bidding them to go off until I call them again?
They will do fine if you do that.
They won�t interfere in any way, shape or form?
OK. Before I go, do you have anything else that you wish to say?
We have spoken long enough.
Then I do thank you, Michael, for coming here before us. I do dismiss thee.
[He�s gone.]



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