Evocation of Bune

By Marcus

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I performed this Ritual on Nov. 13th 1996. This was my first experience in dealing with the LESSER KEY OF SOLOMON text. I spent months preparing forthis Ritual (too much time really!) and I had put it off several times due to feeling unprepared plus a number of strange occurrences took place e.g.: the seals turned up missing, family situations arose....I have learned that this tends to be status quo when beginning rituals of this nature. Now I don't know whether this is
some kind of spiritual hazing, to weed out posers, or our own psyche trying to avoid such practices (I'll let you decide) but I will say strange things happen when working with this system! This being my first Goetic work I followed the "Lesser Key of Solomon" as closely as humanly possible. I crafted two Seals of the Spirit, one on parchment and one on brass, I scheduled the rite. on one of the most advantageous days according to the text (when the moon is 2,4,6,8,10,12, or 14 days old), the incense I used was Dittany of Crete, which is great for Spirit Manifestation, I used the appropriate 9ft circle (without the Hebrew Names) and triangle. Within the triangle was the copper seal of the spirit and the fire censer. I started the Ritual itself at 10am beginning with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, followed by the Banishing Rite. of the Hexagram....I then performed the Middle Pillar along with the Bornless Ritual.

At this point I felt a lot of Energy surging through me and a sense of extreme confidence and justification...I then began reading the first Conjuration (English Version) and I was half way through the 2nd reading when I felt a very strange sensation, it was if my whole body was vibrating and my hair felt like it was standing on end! It was then I looked up from the Ritual I was reading and noticed the smoke that was coming out of the incense burner was forming perfectly straight vertical pillar from floor to ceiling. It was at this point I began to feel an overwhelming sense of fear (being it was my first evocation) and I totally lost control of the Ritual itself...At this point a burst of fire shot out of the burner and all the candles that were around the circle went out! I felt very afraid at this point but I also sensed that the spiritual presence had vacated the premises. I stood there for what seemed like a great deal of time before I was able to summon the courage to perform the banishing Ritual and clear the temple. The Ritual ended at 11:44 am.

While I was breaking down the Temple I felt as if the Ritual had been a complete failure! But latter while writing in my journal, I felt an extreme sense of accomplishment...It was if I had faced my fears and came out stronger for it! I also realized how our senses can really be a hindrance in our magical workings (this is why I began performing more meditative exercises to gain more control in this area) and how one needs to maintain the "mind magick link in his/her operations!


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26. Bune - Wealth; Spiritual Protection.




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