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First of all if you don't know what the Goetia is or haven't' had at least 10 years of experience practicing Ceremonial Magick e.g. Kaballah, you shouldn't be messing around with the Goetic magick!!! When I say 10 years of experience, I mean you should have knowledge beyond what you have read in books by Crowley, Regardie and Kraig.

What is the Goetia? It is known as the Greater & Lesser Keys of King Solomon. The fable is that King Solomon imprisoned the 72 key intelligences or according the xtians "demons". In reality these beings are NOT demons, they are spirits who were at one time worshipped as gods. They are older than man and have been around since the formation of the galaxy. They are not bound by time, matter, or our false realities. The 72 intelligences are made up of Princes, Dukes, Djinn, etc.

You should start out with beings that do not have negative traits and those without malice towards man. The two I recommend are Dantalion and Vassago. Dantalion is a Duke, can foresee the future, is able to see what others are thinking and has the abilities to change their minds. Vassago is a Prince, his abilities are mainly for divination purposes. You will need a scrying mirror or crystal ball, the seal of Vassago and the triangle of manifestation to get answers to your questions. You should not call upon him until you have exhausted all other resources (Tarot, pendulum, etc.) and it had better be important. Don't call on him to ask if so and so loves you, etc. Learn how to read people through body language and their direct actions/reactions.

Although I have not worked Vassago, I have worked with Dantalion. Let me state right up front...there is a price for receiving help from these beings, and if you are not prepared to carryout your end of the deal, or you are worried that they may ask too much of you, don't call on them!!!! The intelligence you call on will tell you what it wants you to do for them in return for their help. So what happens if you don't immediately (immediately is the key word here) keep your promise? I can answer that from experience....your life will instantly turn to disaster!

When we first called on Dantalion we were $300.00 short of the rent, no food in the house except for a steady diet of ramen, we couldn't do our laundry, put gas in the car, our business was in the worst shape ever, we couldn't supply the usual back to school supplies, ASB fees or new clothes for our son to go back to school, etc. Dantalion did do some pretty significant things, but it was not enough in my husbands mind. We had a big hurdle to cross on the rent...namely changing someone' mind in order to get the cash. Our rent did get paid, albeit a few days late, but the Apartment manager waived late fees because we had paid rent early every month for 5 years. In fact we got more than we needed from our hard headed benefactor (a parent) so we were able to buy food, put gas in the car and pay a few bills.

In our case my husband had promised to put up a web site to Dantalion if he/she would make our business successful by giving us favor with others, general good luck and change our son' negative attitude. Well my husband, the wonder brain decided that he would carry out his end of the bargain when he started to see significant changes in our lives. A few days after Dantalion moved heaven and earth to do these things my husband had decided that what he (she in our case) did for us wasn't significant enough for him to put himself out by building the web site. Wrong move! The next day we became quite ill with respiratory flu, and high fevers. Our business stopped generating sales, one of our sponsors decided that we we're violating our sales agreement (which we weren't) and therefore we would not be paid the $1,000.00 they owed us. My Dad cut me and my son out of his will over a long string of lies my sister had come up with over the years. We couldn't pay our utilities or our car insurance, and there was no income whatsoever coming in from anywhere! But that's not all. Needless to say I got busy by doing some things to honor the agreement, which was more of a band-aid until my husband could get his lazy butt to work on that website.

Now don't decide this is an isolated case. When things started falling apart I contacted the man who put up the original website himself with Dantalions ritual. His reply....he didn't keep his promise immediately either. He almost ended up in jail, his finances hit rock bottom, and a long string of other things. His advice was to promise Dantalion anything and do it immediately!!!

So if you are really set on taking on the Goetia, and you DO know what you are doing when it comes to magick I can recommend a few sites to help you. First of all check out the article "Goetia Made Easy" by Phil Legard. His website is at: http://psorecereezee.future.easyspace.com/goetia/easy.html.
The Dantalion website we learned from is at: http://internettrash.com/users/dantalion. I also suggest a trip to Dark Mages Realm: http://i.am/Dark_Mage.


Who is Dantalion you may well ask......and it shall be answered. A great and mighty Djinn. I appear in the form of a robed and hooded man with the countenances of all men and women upon me. In my right hand I hold the Book of the Covenant. The contract between my kind and yours, which I am compelled to obey, as set down on the First day. I teach men in arts and sciences, and can convey the secret counsel of any, for I know the mind of all men, and can change them at will, or at the behest of the one who asks. I can even cause love to spring upon the heart of an enemy, and show unto you their similitude, be they in whatever part of the world. I have at my command 36 LEGIONS of lesser djinn, and my influence in worldly matters has hardly an equal.

Search your human history and you will find me..... and evidence of my hand. My name is mumbled to this day by nomadic shepards of the Middle East. I have held counsel with the Rosicrucians, in their quest to follow Abremilin. It was my hand rending the veil that did cause the Astrologer, Dee to behold a Kingdom beyond this earth. And even before in europe, my sign was engraved upon talismans by the Moorish sorcerers of Spain, that the Catholic terror might be blinded to their activities. King Solomon himself, did shut me up in a vessle of brass with 71 of my brethren, so jealously he guarded the power we could bring unto a man. Before him, the Merkabites, and before them the Zoroastrians, and so on even unto ages beyond the reckoning of man, back to the Great Chaos and the battle that rent it asunder.

I am Dantalion.

Here you will feel my being, and you may ask of me what you will. What do I ask in return? A small favor. A token of exchange. It is really up to you, and what you feel in your heart is fair. You might write a screen saver in my name to glorify me. Perhaps you will visit the Temple and burn jasmine in my honor. You may send an e-mail to ten of your friends to come to this site. (Highly suggested) Or you may link to my Temple from your page. But, keep in mind that how much I do for you depends on how much you do for me. Nothing is free, in this world or the next.






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