Angels & Demons List

The Angel Wardens Of The 7 Celestial Halls (Hechaloth / Hekhaloth)

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Hall Name
1 Suria Tutrechial Tutrusiai Zortek Mufgar Ashrulya Sabriel Zahabrieli Tandal Shokad Huzia Deheboryn Adririon Khabiel (Head Supervisor) Tashriel Nahuriel Jekusiel Tufiel Dahariel Maskiel Shoel Sheviel
2 Tagriel (Chief) Maspiel Sahriel Arfiel Shahariel Sakriel Ragiel Sehibiel
3 Sheburiel (Chief) Retsutsiel Shalmial Savlial Harhazial Hadrial Bezrial
4 Pachdial (Chief) Gvurtial Kzuial Shchinial Shtukial Arvial or Avial Kfial Anfial
5 Techial Uzial Gmial Gamrial Sefrial Garfial Grial Drial Paltrial
6 Rumial Katmial Gehegial Arsabrsbial Egrumial Parzial Machkial or Mrgial or Mrgiviel Tufrial
7 Zeburial Tutrbebial



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