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By Marcus

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My friends I include this invocation because there comes a time when a Magician needs to be knocked on his ASS! This was one of those times! Now as I moved along in my magical career, I really felt that I had become an island unto myself....I mean lets face it...I had performed at least a hundred evocations and invocations thus I had arrived at the point where I really thought that I could do away with evocations all together; for they are time consuming and basically a pain in the nether region....Plus I had not done a real physical evocation in over a year! Well folks, I was wrong! For this invocation taught me, some spirits are not ment to be invoked (unless you want to have a really fucking bad week!)


Andras is the Sixty-third Spirit listed in the Goetia, who governs 30 Legions. He appears as an angel with a raven head & rides a wolf. He also carries a sword in his hand. Andras sows discord & may slay the invoker & his fellows. Andras, who commands thirty legions, has the body of an angel and the head of an owl. He rides a black wolf and carries a saber. He can give advice on how to kill, and he can escalate quarrels and discord.

I performed this invocation to send a little discord/neg. energy to a person who over the years has attempted to make my life a living hell! Now in the past, I have thought about using Magick against this particular person, but have hesitated, due to the fact that she is very dear to someone I love. However on this particular occasion I said, "screw it" and threw caution into the wind.Now I should have known that something was amiss, because I had one hell of a time drawing the seal! It must have taking me 20 times before I was able to get the damn thing right! But finally after two days and shitload of parchment...I got a workable product. I then set forth to do the ritual...and due to the fact it was an invocation, I had very little physical prep. work to do. I did get together some Aloe based incense, candles, and my hand drawn copy of the seal of Andras.


I began the ritual with the LBRP followed by the LBRH....I then performed the Bornless Ritual (which really gets the juices flowing!) After the Bornless Ritual I sat down facing the EAST, then with the seal in my hand I recited the 1st and 2nd Enochian calls....While I recited the calls, my eyes remained constantly fixed on the spirits seal...After reciting the calls I felt like I had a very good link with the spirits energy so I went ahead and recited a simple Enochian invocation, thus calling the spirit into me. Now what followed was very subtle...At first I felt like I was looking at rapidly spinning hypno-disk made up of stars. At first it was kind of calming but soon it shifted gears and I began having severe sensations of claustrophobia and vertigo! I felt like I wanted to run but I was unable to do so! Then the stars that were spinning seemed to melt into a white phosphorus like liquid and then began falling all over me....burning my eyes and penetrating every part of my body! At this time everything faded to black....and when I finally came to, I was laying on my stomach on the other side of the room! And my body was covered with scratches and rug was as if I went ape-shit in that room and on myself! Now I know all of these scratches and burns were self inflicted.....However it also seemed that Andras enjoyed himself at my expense the brief time he occupied my body! After a bit, I regained my composure and picked up the room and broke down the temple....and no, I did not perform any banishing ritual at this time!?! And little did I know.....the fun was just beginning!!


Now the next day came....and it seemed that all hell broke loose! At work, my mere presence was setting people off for no reason! My clients were pissed...and everyone of them had a problem that I could not seem to solve! I felt totally inept and useless. As soon as I got home from my shitty day at work, I received a phone call from a close relative stating they were getting a divorce....Then when my wife got home, she was pissed at me....and we got into this huge fight about what, I have no IDEA!! But it boiled down to that I was a lying sack of shit and that I could never be trusted....and that I was also having an affair with someone, though she could not tell me who!?! So needless to say, we did not talk to each other for the rest of the night. The next day was more of the same....Shitty day at work, I came home only to find that my water had been shut off! So I called the City to see wtf was going on...Come to find out, there was some computer glitch and it just so happened that my address came up for shut-off....and to make a long story short it took them 3hr to come out and remedy the problem! This whole time, I felt like someone/something was laughing at me while all this crap was going down...and I had a pretty good idea of who it was! So that night, I performed a banishing ritual and destroyed the damn seal....I then took the rest of the week off and purged myself from this veil of Negativity!In closing...Andras seems to be the master of utter discord! I feel that he should never be invoked under any circumstance! But if you are feeling a little froggy/stupid, go ahead and give it a whirl....Just make sure you don't have any plans for the rest of the week!





63. Andras � Overthrow; Create Discord.




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