Timing your Magick with the Moon

Timing your magick with the phases of the Moon is essential for success. A rule of thumb is to remember for white magick, this is best done while the moon is waxing (increasing in light; new to full). The best time is as close to the full moon as possible. Love spells, acquiring a new job, wealth success and so forth.

When the moon is waning (decreasing in light; full to new), this is the best time for success in black magick and works of destruction, the best time being as close to the new moon as possible. The waning moon is also a good time for ending things, banishing spells and ending personal bad habits, losing weight.

Moon in Aries
Projects begun when the moon is in Aries often begin with much enthusiasm, but tend not to last. This is a good time for inciting conflicts, high energy, me, mine, war, knives, weapons, guns, quick but not lasting results, fire, sharp things, metals, daring, sticking up for yourself, risk taking, independence. Inciting accidents. Magick ruled by Mars. Do NOT have surgical procedures performed on the head or face at this time.

Moon in Taurus
Projects begun when the moon is in Taurus are usually permanent or long lasting, especially when performed in when the moon is in the first ten degrees of the sign. Money, finances, possessions, material things, sensualism, Earth, greed, permanence, wealth, things that increase in value, loans, bankers, slow but lasting results, time delays. Magick ruled by the Earth and Venus. Do NOT have surgical procedures performed on the neck or throat at this time.

Moon in Gemini
Communications, short distance travel, duality in nature. Thievery, trickery, pulling a fast one, relatives, siblings and neighbors, computers. This sign lacks staying power and projects begun when moon is in Gemini tend to change. Not a good sign for black magickal workings. More neutral in nature. Magick ruled by Mercury has the best outcome. Do NOT have surgical procedures performed on the shoulders, arms, hands, or nerves at this time.

Moon in Cancer
Anything to do with the home, family, food, nurturing, the mother, women in general. Things tend to last as Cancer is a clingy sign. Good for love spells, weather spells, altar consecration, blessing the home, mediumship, psychic endeavors, inciting over-emotionalism. Spells for the success in buying land, purchasing real estate, a decent place to live, reconciling family members. Do NOT have surgical procedures performed on the stomach at this time. Magick corresponding to the moon. With love relationships or marriages begun when the moon is in Cancer, if the parties break up, they often tend to reunite.

Moon in Leo
Good for anything having to do with children, creativity, good for casting love spells; romance, success in gambling, winning, attracting center stage, personal charisma, men in general, the father, hobbies, speculation, risk taking, investments, stocks and bonds, authority. Spells for gaining positions of power and authority over others. Do NOT have surgical procedures performed on the heart, spine or back at this time. Leo is a fixed sign and projects begun when the moon is in this sign tend to last. Magickal workings ruled by the Sun.

Moon in Virgo
Health, sickness, wellness, things that require precision and perfection, hygiene, nutrition, herbs, vitamins, the armed forces, clothing, the work place, co-workers, workings of white magick and healing for others, service to others. Things that involve details. Hospitals, healing, the medical profession, institutions, bureaucracy, red tape, attention to detail. Virgo tends towards change. Do NOT have surgical procedures performed on the intestines, anus or digestive system at this time. Magickal workings ruled by Mercury.

Moon in Libra
Good time to form love relationships, marriages, partnerships of all kinds or cast spells to ensure the success of or to incite these. Peace, diplomacy, negotiation, legal matters, workings with two people, contracts, getting people to do what you want them to do easily and peacefully. Do NOT have surgical procedures performed on the kidneys or lower back at this time. Best for love spells.

Moon in Scorpio
This is one of the best signs for black magickal workings. Revenge, hatred, venting, exposing secrets, death spells, surgery, transformation, obsession, pure sex, the occult, the darker side of things, extremes, research, banishing spells, ending things permanently, death and dying. This is the most powerful and intense of all the moon signs. Secret, underhanded and covert operations, willpower, drastic destruction. Magickal workings ruled by Pluto. Like its opposite sign Taurus, Scorpio is usually permanent. Do NOT have surgical procedures performed on the pelvis, reproductive or sex organs at this time.

Moon in Sagittarius
Religion, Universities, travel, higher education, gambling, good luck, good for ceremonial magick, best for white magick, publishing, sports, the outdoors, the law. Pulling off something big. Do NOT have surgical procedures performed on the hips or thighs at this time. Magickal workings ruled by Jupiter are successful at this time.

Moon in Capricorn
When the moon is in Capricorn, this is another excellent time for black magickal workings. Depression, ruthlessness, using people viciously, long term results. Honors, social standing, responsibility, authority, structure, setting long term goals and plans for the future. NOT a good time to seek favors from those in authority. Magickal workings and spells that feature a time delay or are lasting, wasting, manipulating people, business, banishing. Do NOT have surgical procedures performed on the bones/skeletal system, teeth, or knees at this time. This is a �ruthless� moon sign. Workings ruled by the malefic Saturn are favored at this time.

Moon in Aquarius
Friends, groups, platonic relationships, society, electricity, workings within a coven, computers, technology, individuality, originality, freedom, independence, humanity, anarchy, the unexpected, bolt out of the blue, genius, revelation, goals and ideals, shocking people. This is the best moon sign for spells of independence and breaking away from restrictive situations. Freedom and coming into your own. Do NOT have surgical procedures performed on the calves or ankles at this time. Workings ruled by Uranus are favored.

Moon in Pisces
Poison, drugs, self undoing, deception, sorrow, depression, isolation, insanity, very deep psychic stuff. Good for success in meditation and all psychic pursuits. Spells to deceive people, secrets, swindles, vulnerability. Secret enemies, altered states. This is the one of best times for endings, especially when the moon is in 20-30 degrees of the sign (make sure it is not void). Psychic healing can be done. Masochism. Do NOT have surgical procedures performed on the feet at this time.


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