The magick wand

The magick wand is one of the most recognized tools of the druid, magus, wizard, or witch. Usually consecrated to the element of fire, the wand is used to direct the user's will or intention. The power of enchantment is built up in the astral energy of the user like the pulling of a bowstring; when the energy is released, like an arrow leaving the bow, it is directed with the wand. Like a bow, the magick wand acts as an amplifier of the magician's intention, giving strength as well as direction.

Remember, the magick is in the individual, not in the wand. A magick wand only acts as a focus of the user's own magical power or intention and some practical training will be required before the individual can expect reliable results.

Made in the Druid tradition, well-made wands are fashioned of wood that has been harvested from living trees. Wooden wands carry within them the life energy that is elemental fire, and this makes them especially effective as instruments of will.

Trees understand that when a magician takes their branches for the purpose of making a wand, it is a very special blessing, for in the wand, their being will be preserved and their tree-spirit bonded to the soul of the magician. Many wands are made from found wood - wood which has been dropped by trees in windstorms or accidents. This wood must be harvested immediately after it is separated from the tree, before the spirit of the tree withdraws itself.. Some wands have been taken through pruning, with the understanding of the trees. Each retains its bond to the living tree from which it came, and harbors some of the tree's dryad spirit.

Magical cores are usually included in a well-made wand. Cores are inserted into the wand in the traditional manner and add extra enchantment to the wand. Either a feather or hair are used in wands, procured without causing harm to the animals.

Magick stones are often added to the receptive end of the wand (the end you hold in your hand). Reservoir stones on the receptive end are round or ovate and are chosen for their qualities as magical conductors and amplifiers, and for their association with elemental Fire or with Earth as a balancing polarity. If a crystal point is included on the transmitting end of the wand, it is usually clear quartz crystal which is regarded as the best of all amplifiers of ethereal power.

Wands are fragile, so it should be kept in a sturdy box, wrapped in a silk wrap to protect its ethereal vibrations from interference.

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