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By Konstantinos


The Magic Wand represents the absolute will of the magician. This potent magical tool can be used for almost any energy-directing purpose, which includes healing, the charging of other magical implements, and the evocation of benevolent spirits (malevolent entities should be called with the magic sword, which is explained below).

Over the years, several occult orders and magical traditions have each developed specific magic wands for use in their rituals.

The Golden Dawn, for example, had a different wand for every officer of the temple (Chief Adept's Wand, Praemonstrator's Wand, etc.), a wand for invoking the element of Fire (described above), and a Lotus Wand that was useful for many types of rituals.

As a solitary ceremonial magician, however, you only need to concern yourself with the already explained Fire weapon and one other type of wand, the Magic Wand, which is used for directing energy and willpower.

This Magic Wand does not have any particular elemental or astrological correspondences associated with it, therefore it is free of markings, unlike the Golden Dawn Elemental Weapons. The Magic Wand is a universal instrument, and can be used within the context of any magical current or tradition. When charging and consecrating your other magical weapons, this is the instrument you will use to help you direct energy and Divine Light into them.

The type of material selected for a Magic Wand's construction is very important. Over the centuries, several different woods have been used and the ones recommended here are used almost universally. Ash, cane, elder, hazel, oak, and willow are all ideal choices for this magical implement's construction.

A rod of elder has a pith in the middle which can be removed, and cane has an already hollow center, making these two woods ideal for creating a Magic Wand with a magnetized wire running through it. The other types of wood mentioned can be used for creating wands because of their individual occult properties, which were known by magicians hundreds of years ago who included them in their grimoires.

To create your Magic Wand, cut a shaft from one of the appropriate trees mentioned above. Make sure the shaft is straight and does not have any offshoots or branches growing off it. According to tradition, the length of the Magic Wand should be equal to the distance between the tip of your extended pointer finger and your shoulder. I recommend you try to follow this tradition because it seems to have a personalizing effect on the Magic Wand. Remember, you can use your pointer finger and entire arm to project energy (as you did in the LBRP when you traced pentagrams). Therefore, measuring your wand to the length of your arm and extended finger creates an extension of yourself, and consequently, of your will It is a good idea to cut off more than the desired length of your wand so you can cut it straight and to the right length at a bench. Make sure the tips of the wand are both flat and level. Once your Magic Wand is cut to the right length, the next step is to remove the bark and sand your implement until it is smooth. If you are using cane or elder wood, then you could easily insert a magnetic wire into the center of the shaft. The presence of the magnetic wire is not really necessary in a Magic Wand, however, as its ability to channel your magical energy depends only upon your consecration of the instrument.

If you decide to use a magnetic wire, you will have to first create one. Take a piece of steel wire and repeatedly run a magnet along it in one direction.

After a few minutes, test the wire by trying to pick up a paper clip with it. If it is ready, the next step is to carefully insert the wire into your Magic Wand.

Make sure the wire is perfectly straight to make this easier. After you insert it into the center of your shaft of wood, you can then paint the wand with a coat of clear finish to protect the wood.

When your Magic Wand is complete, wrap it in either a white or black piece of silk and either put it away until you are ready to consecrate it or perform a minor consecration like the one given in Chapter 3, and use it when you perform the BRH. Using your Magic Wand in this ritual will help you develop a link to the tool, which will make its consecration much more effective.


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