Magickal Power of Candles

People the world over use candles for a variety of different reasons. Some people use them simply for decoration, some use them to create a warm and romantic mood, and some use them as a part of their religious ceremonies.

Many also use candles for meditation and to bring about certain changes in their mood and their environment. Candles of different colors and different scents can have very distinct effects upon us. When used wisely, they can be extremely effective in enhancing and improving our general well-being as well as many distinct areas of our lives.

Many people like to use classic white candles for general, all-purpose use, but they also carry a greater significance. White candles encourage spirituality, wholeness and purity. This is why they are so popularly used in weddings and other very special occasions. They help to bring a certain spiritually pure energy to any environment.

In addition to white candles, blue, lavender and light green are all excellent for relaxation, centering and meditation. In addition, lavender-scented candles can help to create a feeling of security, comfort and calm. Try lighting a lavender candle while taking a nice, warm bath to help maximize your sense of deep relaxation.

Dark green candles can be used for many purposes. They can be excellent for increasing the financial energies in your life, particularly when combined with a chamomile scent. Forest green candles can also be very effective in promoting and stimulating any kind of mental or emotional healing.

Red candles tend to produce excitement, anticipation and increased levels of energy, particularly when combined with a peppermint scent. They will accelerate passion, aggression and alertness. An added vanilla scent will also serve to increase libido.

The effect of pink candles tends to fall somewhere between that of white and red. They are more calm, romantic and sensual than red. When combined with a rose scent, they create an extremely warm, friendly and inviting feeling. They are highly recommended for the early stages of a romantic relationship.

Yellow candles tend to stimulate the mental processes and, thus, encourage lively conversation and good humor. They can also increase decision-making and problem-solving capabilities. When the scent of sage is added, they can help to ease mental strain and tension.

Some people like to burn black candles because they exude a very strong energy and have a very powerful appearance. They do not promote relaxation or comfort but, rather, are associated with power and control. Black candles should be used with discretion because they tend to suggest energies of domination and authority. Try to use black candles for focusing on specific goals while meditating. But be aware that black candles may also have a tendency to depress some people.

As you can see, candles can be used for much more than just decoration. The careful use of colored and scented candles can enable you to exert a tremendous influence on your moods and on your environment. So take advantage of the magical power of candles to change your life today!

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