Incense is used to represent the element of air, to help cleanse, and bring the power and energy of the incense to your magickal workings. Incenses, like herbs and oils, are very versatile. The easiest way of attracting all the good things you want not only for yourself but also for those you love and for those in need, is to burn oils and to release the chosen fragrances and let them work in their own way. You can choose Incense (like oil and herb's) for health, happiness, love, success, prosperity, confidence and protection, to name but a few.

The symbolic values of incense indicate the measure of its importance to the religious life and the Mysteries of ancient man. It is representative of adoration, confession, deity offering, homage, libation, propitiation, protection, purification, act of prayer, prophecy, and fire worship. Incense, used properly, can give forth a mysterious essence which can penetrate and influence the deeper emotions of the subconscious. Ancient civilizations understood this well, for the smoke of incense was an important part of life, religion. and the celebration of the Mysteries.

Perfume has been used in the form of incense for at least 5000 years. The word Perfume in Latin means "through smoke" . Fumigations not only served to sweeten the air but were believed to give protection from evil and disease. Most importantly they were an offering to the Gods. Since the Gods were of spirit they could not receive the material body of a sacrifice, therefore the essence was sent to them on the wings of sacred smoke. It was also believed that prayers were carried to the spirit realm through the burning of incense. Incense also was thought to support the soul in its ascent to heaven. Ancient altars sent forth billows of aromatic smoke filling the temples with intoxicating fragrance lifting the hearts of the worshippers and carrying their prayers to the sky.

Incense has formed a central part of religious and magical ceremonies for thousands of years in lands as far apart as India and North America.

Since the 1960s, incense sticks, cones and burners have increased in popularity for home use, to create an atmosphere of calm, to induce love and cleanse negativity. Many people use them for meditation as well as for rituals.  Today incense can be used to purify homes, offices and clothing, to protect homes and businesses and to help cure illness. Incense can be a very powerful tool to any magickal workings. 


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