The Vampire Codex:

XXV. Cautionary Notes

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by Michelle Belanger

When you forge a connection with someone, always keep in mind that the link goes both ways. A target, if aware of their link to you, can trace it in much the same way you can trace it to them.

If the person you have forged a connection with is awakened, they can do many of the same things through the link that you can. If they become aware of the connection, they can use it to contact you, send emotions or thoughts to you, or even to attack you.

The link can thus be used to find you and to harm you, so it is best to manipulate such connections with caution and discretion so that those on the other end either remain ignorant to their existence or have no cause to resent your connection to them.

Once forged, however, a link can never be completely severed. They can be worn down to a bare filament, but even these threads can be used with effort. Once you have a connection to someone, it will always be there. For this reason if no other, always choose who you will feed deeply from with great caution, for you will always carry a part of them with you, and it can be used to bring you harm.

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