By Brother Moloch 969
Copywrited January 2000-2005

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In an earlier lesson we looked at what it took to make Magic happen. I gave you a mathematical formula, M=ICV(d), and now let's see how we can utilize that formula once we have the knowledge to construct our own spells.

Like I said before traditionally a spell was a spoken charm with a simplified visualization. The simpler, the more effective. This is one way we can utilize our Magical energies but the desired result may not always have such an easy way to do it. Thus our spell then becomes a ritual.

A ritual is a spell with focal points such as incense, oils, floor washes, sprays, talismans, ritual objects, etc. This is not to be confused with a ceremony which is traditionally a "religious function" and not necessarily a Magical one. Since we know that a spell can be made with ritualized objects and focal points, let's see what this is all about by first taking a traditional spell and dissecting it to study the how and why the practitioner put it together in the first place.

What you may need here is several decent books on mythology, folklore and old time wisdom. It's hard to think of books along these lines because so much of the knowledge is scattered around. Like the old belief that if a black bird flew into your home it was a sure omen of death for someone close to or in the family. Thus one could use a black feather from a black bird or similar colored fowl as a ritual object representing "death".

Ritual objects in Sorcery run the gamut of everything including the kitchen sink. The early practitioners of Voodoo Sorcery were poor and they used whatever it was they had on hand. Such items may include:

* brick dust - represents a job or foundation
* iron filings - represents attractive forces
* lodestone/magnet - drawing to
* shredded newsprint - represents a learned individual as they were the only ones who could read
* rusty nails - represents power to last and force to hold
* knotted shoelace - constriction of forces
* etc.

Other ritual objects can include small images of a man or woman to represent oneself or others. These can be pewter figurines, ceramic hummels, plastic children's toys, etc. I've even known Sorcerers who buy plastic parts that represent the human brain, lungs, heart, liver and kidneys for aids in healing rituals. They anoint the afflicted part with healing oils and pass them through powerful potions of incense to help aid the victim to recovery.

Tarostar's A Charm Bag For Love
On a day of Venus as the Moon waxes, place these items into a green or red charm bag:
1. Some ground blue stone
2. 7 small green stones
3. 1 orris root (whole)
4. 7 pinches of vervain herb
5. 7 small rose buds
6. 7 copper pennies
7. 1 tsp of Lover's powder
Anoint the bag each Friday with 7 drops of Love oil and carry it always on your person.

First off the "day of Venus" is Friday and this is done in the waxing phase of the Moon which is betwixt the New and Full. (Remember: Wax to Full, Wane to New)

Green and red are sacred colors of Venus. The blue stone is to represent peace and calmness as well as good relations. The next items are symbolic of Venus as she prefers to wear emeralds thus the stones represent emeralds. The orris root has traditional associations with 'love'. Vervain is a power herb to help keep you going. The rose buds should be 'red' even though it doesn't specify their color. The seven copper pennies are added because copper is the metal of Venus and they're the payment the Goddess demands for her Spirits to help you. Finally the Lover's powder is added to help focus the bag's contents towards finding you a suitable love. Each Friday, Venus' sacred day, you anoint the bag with the Love oil which re-charges it.

That my friends, is how you dissect a traditional spell. Sometimes the meaning of the ingredients may not always be clear but they're there for a reason.

Making Your Own Spell

Step One: Decide on what you need specifically. If this is a house, then choose all of the amenities the house will possess. What color is it? How much land comes with it? Where is it located? How much does it cost?

Step Two: Referring to your color selection, from a previous lesson, choose specific colored candles to pinpoint your desired goal. If your object is to make friends with a new kid in school, then pink candles will be best for what you need.

Step Three: Create a chant or invocation for the desired result. Self explanatory but to assist, rhyming chants are easiest to remember. Simpler is usually better.

Step Four: Add any other ritual objects that you feel may help guide the Spirits to help you to realize your goal. Here your intuition is king. Think hard about all aspects of an object before you use it.

Step Five: Get the items together in the proper time and do your stuff!




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