Tools of Sorcery

By Moloch

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The Power Bag

The first and foremost tool of a practicing Sorcerer is his Bag of Power. Many akin this bag to the Mojo, Toby, Medicine Pouch, Trick, Fetish, Ouanga, Gris-Gris, etc. I just simply call it the Power Bag. The bag is usually left up to the design of the individual Sorcerer but if you need a pattern to follow, contact my publisher BOTNL for a copy of my book, Pragmatic Magics: A Grimoire Of Modern Sorcery which has instructions for both creating your Power Bag as well as what to put into it and finally what to do with it.

The Power Bag is one of the easiest tools to carry around. It is the easiest to conceal as you can wear it under your clothes and it is lightweight. This tool should be made use of as often as possible for with it the competent Sorcerer can either store energy to be called upon later or siphon off needed energies to supplement his/her technical workings.

Its uses are not simply limited to what I've written about as one can meditate upon each piece that makes up the content which will be a wealth of knowledge to be tapped in and of itself. Make sure that all of your tools are multi-purpose so that they can be used when nothing else is at hand.

The Sorcerer's Staff

Within the traditions of Magic, there exists a little used and often misunderstood tool, the staff. Hence, there are few traditions that even bother to utilize its potential. But in the realms of fantasy literature, the wizard's staff holds a place of prominence as weapons of peace and destruction. In the real Occult world, the Staff is used primarily in place of the sword that so many groups are fond of working with.

One may be able to bandy about town carrying a sword on their hip without too much trouble or looks from Johnny Law and Joe Citizen respectively. However it is far easier to walk about town carrying a staff that can easily be said to be a "walking stick".
What is a cane that an elderly person use but a walking stick.

Historically, the staff was cut to the height of its owner. I feel that the reason for this was two fold:

1) to use as an axis of power that could be stored conveniently whenever the Sorcerer had use for it
2) to act as a stand in for someone whom the Mage happened to be working on. (Details on how to use it in this manner are available in Pragmatic Magics)

The Staff is a potent tool for use when working Magic. It can be used with relevant ease in the place of the Sword to cast a circle, to force summoned Spirits to pay you homage, etc. When seen in this light, doesn't it make a little more sense to employ an ancient Magical tool within your practices rather than trying to lug arond some heavy sword? For more on its uses, see my Magus Ritual Magic Course.

A Thought Before Making Your Tools

One of the few things I find amusing with mainstream Neo-Pagan beliefs is the 'you have to make your tools from all natural substances'. Whoever started this had to be a fiendish prankster because nothing could be further from the truth. In my article on "Making Your Own Staff", I raised holy hell about this topic already. I'm revisiting it mainly to add something.

What amuses me about the whole situation is the mainstream Pagans who, on one hand, will tell you that you must use all natural fibers, woods and metals for making your tools yet when it comes to working Magical spellcraft, you'll hear them proudly proclaim, "if it feels right, do it". Well we have pale faced Pagans speaking with forked tongue, don't you agree? I mean why is it okay to have to follow a strict belief when it comes to simply crafting your tools but you can throw it all out the window when it comes to working spells and rituals! Is this a stupid line of reasoning or what? I'm more interested in practicing traditional forms of Magic which are already tried and proven but experimenting with the art of crafting one's tools by trying new things.

Frankly if you need to, use synthetic materials. Generally these are cheaper cost and easier to obtain. Why would you want to use real, all natural civet, musk or ambergris? These liquids come from live animals and for these to be collected, the animal must die. The same goes for rhinocerous horn. Use synthetic scents. The vibration is so close that only the Spirits will know the difference and frankly they don't care half as much as you do. Besides, I've said this a thousand times: if the ancients had velcro, PVC pipe and Elmer's Glue All, don't you think they would have used it???

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