The Manifestation of Intent for Personal and Mutual Benefit

By Matthew Webb

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There is an ultimate destination in the study of all subjects, from spirituality, philosophy, theology, biology and sociology, to the occult.  This foundational science of all sciences, upon which all others are based, is known as consciousness. The study of consciousness gives direct insight into the ongoing process of creation, both within us and in the universe at large. Because it is an integral part of our being, and is in fact the most fundamental and essential part, our study of this �ultimate science� can be a tricky business.  When we study consciousness and its composing elements, we are also studying ourselves, so that the student and that which is being studied, are one in the same thing.  For this reason a �controlled� basis for experimentation and conclusion is difficult to achieve, when the subject for experimentation is also the experimenter.  Never the less, it is well within our ability to know consciousness and therefore ourselves.  As we learn more about this true self of ours, the ability to see even more clearly into Cosmic Truth and the depths of the human soul is rapidly increased.  Certain psychic powers are also gained.


Consciousness is composed of three components, which are also branches of study, known as intent, awareness and energy.  On a cosmic level, Intent is a primary force of nature, referred to by some as, �the Will of God�.  On a personal level, intent is the causal agency which is responsible for our every action.  In any study or greater mastery of consciousness, intent must always be the primary basis of focus, because it is the most causal.  In careful self observation, the practitioner notices that just prior to the change of any personal activity, there is a corresponding shift of intent within.  This is commonly known as �coming to a decision� and acting upon it.  Such a fact may seem mundane, but it is of ultimate Cosmic importance, as the following will begin to illuminate.  The best way to get to know intent, is to not only observe it in action in the self, but to actually learn to make use of it on a progressive basis.


The first thing that is required for the effective use of Intent, is to know your current inner state, through self observation and meditation.   In this way, we become consciously familiar with how we �hold� or �manage� our bodies and minds.  Self knowledge is always the first prerequisite for all progressive action.  The next step is to gain knowledge of that which you wish to intend.  In this case, let us say that you seek greater positivity in your life.  To learn more about the quality of positivity itself, one might first contemplate it on several occasions, or in other words imagine all of its qualities as seen in those people whom we know to be very positive, (for instance).  One may also recall times in their lives when they possessed the greatest positivity, and these feelings should then be remembered in detail, (which is exactly like recalling and sustaining greater love within, as previously described in this series).  In this process of contemplation and recall, positivity can be more completely realized for what it is.  For how can we successfully create an inner quality within, at will, until it is clearly seen and understood?  This would be comparable to writing or speaking about a subject, of which we have little to no knowledge.


As one gains greater familiarity with a given inner quality, as an experiential feeling throughout the body and mind, the ability to intend it into place is also increased.  Thus the following steps of,  �intending into place� greater positivity may be employed as follows:

1.      A familiarity with ones� current state of body and mind is first established, (in meditation and self awareness).

2.      Knowledge of positivity, (that which is to be intended) is established by remembering previous, positive states of mind had in the past, or by contemplating higher positivity, listening to uplifting music, etc.

3.      A clear visualization of higher levels of positivity, (including how the body/mind may feel and look in this new state) is held in the mind.

4.      While focusing on the desired state of step three above, allow the feelings in the body/mind to shift from the current state, (of step 1) to the state that is desired, (greater positivity).   Regard this desired feeling in the body, (and mental self image) as the new reality of the self.

To crystallize the above steps for intending any quality into place in the self,  the following is given:


  1. Be aware of your current state of body/mind.

  2. Gain familiarity with that which is to be Intended, (and the Intent to be acted upon is crystallized).

  3. The desired state is held steady in the mind. Visualize and feel this state as if it already exists, until the body/mind shifts into it.

  4. The desired state is �held in place� throughout the body.  This new state is maintained by treating it as the new reality of the self.


In the case of intending greater positivity, step 1 of, �be aware of your current state� above, is fairly self explanatory.  Through the use of the Chakra Meditation, detailed self knowledge is gained.  Greater clarity of mind is progressively generated, and the practice of being aware of ones� current state becomes more automatic, even while engaging in daily activities.  Step 2 is also fairly self explanatory in this case, (being familiar with that which is to be intended).  We have all experienced greater and lesser degrees of positivity throughout our lives, and this is a state we are very familiar with.  Remembering these experiences evokes similar states of being in the body and mind.  Step 3 is simply a matter of holding the mind steady in the new, desired level of positivity.  Holding the desired state of being steady in the mind, along with its associated feeling(s) bodywide, for a sufficient length of time, will cause the body/mind to simply �shift� into it.  The length of time required to accomplish this will vary, according to the current state of the practitioner�s consciousness, their inner mental discipline, and that which is being intended into place.   Step 4 involves holding the desired state in place throughout the body, by taking the view that this is now the usual and normal condition of the self.  The new intended state, (such as higher positivity) is thus treated as though it has already existed for some time, as the usual everyday norm.  Note that the internal shift to the new, desired state will often happen automatically to some degree, upon recall of previous, positive states of being.  All the mediator needs to do, is hold the remembered state in place.


The above is a very basic example of the employment of Intent to create inner change.  The longer and more repetitively one intends a given quality or state onto themselves, the more deeply that state or condition will be acquired.  With diligence, the practitioner may make any given quality thus intended upon themselves, a permanent aspect of their every-day state of consciousness.  In this way the embodiment of the highest spiritual qualities may be gradually gained, simply by intending them into place, and adopting them as the new permanent state of being.  Remember that this process is likely to be gained by degrees, so have patience with it.  With greater self mastery, the practitioner may in a few moments generate an improved state of consciousness. Any given quality, (such as love, positivity or clarity for instance) can be increased by degrees at will, simply by intending these states to manifest within.


In the case of attempting to intend into place qualities with which one is not very familiar, this process is almost the same, though it will likely cause inner change at a much slower rate.  Clarity for instance, is a state of consciousness brought about primarily through meditational means, via Awareness of Awareness, (this state is described in the consciousness and meditation series).  Generally speaking, only through meditational experience may this quality be thoroughly known. Thus for the inexperienced meditator, step two in the employment of intent above, (for gaining clarity) cannot be truly fulfilled.  The result of such an exercise will be, therefore, much less pronounced.  Therefore, the employment of intent should always be accompanied by a thorough, experiential knowledge of that which is to be intended.


The knowledge of thoughtforms and their practical use, is another area of experiential knowledge that is extremely useful for the student of consciousness.  A consciously created thoughtform, is a visualized image which has an intended function. Very specifically, a thoughtform is an image held in the mind, which acts as a vehicle for the manifestation of intent in the self, or in the environment.  When a thoughtform is created, it is first pictured in the mind as a representation of that which is desired.  Thus Awareness forms an image at the direction of intent, which in turn patterns available energy, (chi) into the desired format. This is the essential process of creation.  Visualized images establish a connection with any person, place or thing so pictured.  A stream of chi thus extends from the self, and connects with the object or person of focus, as a two-way psychic connection.


Through knowledge of the four steps for the manifestation of Intent above, the practitioner may create an unlimited variety of psychic effects, useful to both themselves and others. The combination of this knowledge with the employment of thoughtforms, increases psychic capability dramatically.  Personal effects, such as those created via the thoughtform of a visualized sphere surrounding the body, (that increases love) for instance, gives personal intent a specific conduit through which to function.  A visualized image provides the structure or specific pattern for consciousness to manifest itself, just as a circuit board provides a pattern whereby the power of electricity may be harnessed for specific purposes.


Basically, any image held in the mind may be considered a �thoughtform� to some degree, since all thoughts and images render some effect on the self and environment.  Most people are unaware of the fact that they employ thoughtforms, just as they are unaware of their psychic impact on other individuals. The vast majority of these unconsciously created thoughtforms however, have a very limited effect, before they are dissipated and rendered inert. This is so because most minds are not sufficiently focused on any given intention.  Thoughtforms operate independently of their creators for a time, but are not immortal.  Strongly focused intent, directed for an adequate duration of time and empowered by emotional force, will however, create more powerful thoughtforms.  In most cases only the intentionally created thoughtform will have long lasting and significant effect, especially when an underlying knowledge of consciousness is had.  Exceptions to this rule are found with those persons who, though they are generally unknowing of the principles of the occult, never the less exert great force upon their fellow human beings through sheer will, focused mentality and persistently held, visualized goals.  Their influence in fact, directly hinges on these inner attributes.  Leaders of business, political speakers and significant religious figures of all kinds are examples of these.  Such persons may even denounce the occult, but are ironically employing its principles while doing so.


Experimentation with the four steps in the manifestation of intent, is a fascinating study of occult effects, especially when thoughtforms are also employed.  The practitioner finds that they have a far greater degree of influence in the shaping of their own destiny, than was previously expected.  The individual or the experienced group, may make use of these facts and tools of consciousness, to begin creating a new life and a new world.  Experimentation and the use of careful, objective observation are the suggested basis for this practice,  just as with any other important research.


Try the following experiment.  First, intend into place a greater degree of inner positivity and/or love.  When this state has been firmly established within, visualize that this state of being is extending itself to a close friend or friends.  See this process in the minds� eye, as electricity or a river of glowing light for instance, traveling from where your feeling of love and positivity is centered in the body, to the corresponding area in their bodies.  Visualize this light or electricity glowing within them, and feel that they have received this state of being.  Observe the results of this intent, preferably while both of you are in a mutually quiet space. Repeat this experiment over and over again, at work and at home, until you gain greater expertise in the manifestation of intent, (also known as �casting�).  The meditator will also wish to render psychic influence in this way upon groups of people, at some point in their practice. Though this is a more advanced occult ability, keep in mind that the greater mastery/knowledge of intent is the key to all such actions.  More will be given on this in the next issue of the GM series.

Article by Matthew Webb

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