Receiving Images Using your Subconscious

by Peebrain

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While researching sleep patterns, I came across some interesting information. If you can manage to keep your mind quiet for a little while before falling asleep at night, you’ll start to see a sort of light show. If you keep watching (and avoid both waking up and blacking out), you’ll start to see actual images, and possibly start to hear sounds. Eventually, it will lead into a dream, but the actual stage is referred to as hypnagogic. The images produced are supposedly hallucinations produced by your mind. Now what’s interesting about this is that you can actually SEE images. You see them. Not the “symbolic metaphoric” type of see, the actual “look at something with your eyes” see.


Who cares, right?

Let’s suppose my buddy online is trying to send me an image telepathically. How can I receive this image? Well, ignoring the obvious hint given from the first paragraph, I might try closing my eyes, and kind of just blindly stabbing in the dark, trying to get a feeling for what seems right based on intuition. Or maybe try getting my subconscious to tell me what the image is. Or I could try getting an “impression” of what my buddy is thinking. Yeah, those methods might work great, but I’m more into tangible things. Something I can have confidence in when I describe it to my friend. I don’t want to have to deal with decoding impressions and gut feelings, and all that interpretive subjective crap. I want answers. I want an image I can look at. I want to see it with my eyes.


After reading about the hypnagogic state, and experiencing it for myself, I got an idea. What if I could program my subconscious to deliver images to me through that state? I would actually SEE the images. Supposedly my subconscious was delivering the hallucinations I normally see... what if I could request information instead of having it just randomly show me things? At the time I had this idea (which isn’t new, by the way), I had just started getting into psionic abilities that focus on perception. Anytime I wanted to receive an image, I would tell my subconscious what I wanted (via communicating with my subconscious), close my eyes, and try to get into a state where my subconscious could actually show me the image.


It turns out that this hypnagogic state is pretty kick ass. Why is it so awesome? Well, first of all, EVERYONE can do it. If you can fall asleep, you can hit this hypnagogic state. It’s that simple. Second, the images I see are actually seen. None of that wishy-washy pseudo-psychic bullshit. Third, the state really isn’t that hard to get into with a little practice. I can get into a good enough state within a few minutes of relaxing and clearing my mind. What else could you ask for?


So how does it work exactly? The first step is to get into a semi-trance state. You don’t have to pull out the incense or anything, but try to relax and clear your mind. Breathe in and out, close your eyes, and just take a few minutes to slow your mind down. This is your basic “warm up”. Next, do what you got to do to receive the information. Need a telepathic link? Create one. Need an empathetic one? Do it now. We have to provide the subconscious a way to receive the information before it can display the information to us. After your subconscious has access to the information, you now want to ask it to display the information to you via hypnagogic imagery. So just close your eyes and wait to see something. Don’t force anything. Just wait. I prefer to put my hands over my closed eyes as well to keep out all external light. After a while of waiting around, you’ll start seeing something. Little sparks of light and geometric shapes. Once you get a feel for some basic shape, type it out or write it down. If you’re not satisfied with the description, close your eyes and wait for more information.


Using this method, I’ve described countless images correctly. I was recently asked in a private message to try to remote view an image. I relaxed, closed my eyes, and saw an image using this exact technique. I wrote: “yellow horizontal line about 2/3'rds down, black under it, some sort of movement on the middle/right area, reminds me of water, just got the shape of a 4-pointed star type of thing, colors: black and yellow mainly.” Below is the image that was the target:


Needless to say, I was quite happy with the results. I would consider the above example a direct hit. While direct hits are somewhat rare, I’ve had enough to convince me that this technique is very effective and can be very accurate.


What’s important to note though is that I generally get images in terms of shapes and colors. Interpretation of what the shapes and colors make up is done after the fact. Let’s say you see an orange circle, with spikes going around the outside. You might think “oh, it’s a sun, the target must be outside, maybe in a sunset.” In reality, you only saw an orange circle with spikes going around it. If you report “sunset, outdoors” and the target image is the following, then you failed. While your original description was accurate, your conscious interpretation of what the image was screwed up your results. The lesson? Describe things as you see them. Only interpret after the fact.

Notice in my example above I didn’t say “water,” I said “some sort of movement ... reminds me of water”. I didn’t see water. I saw movement that reminded me of water. It just so happens it was water in that example, but the “water” comment was made after I saw the movement. If you see a shape, report the shape. If it reminds you of something, make a side note of it, but don’t let it affect the rest of what you see.


The obvious key to success is practice. Practice, practice, practice. I also suggest trying to watch yourself while falling asleep at night to see if you can notice that hypnagogic state. Get a feel for how you’ll be receiving information. It’s a fun state of mind that can really be entertaining to watch on it’s own.




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