Mind Power Revisited

By Moloch

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Okay I can hear the groans of 'oh no not another creative visualization article!' but this is not going to be that kind of article. At least I hope not anyway. What I want to focus on is the subject of mind power. The efforts of our mental projects upon the nature of the existential reality. In other words, creating and destroying, as our will dictates, in the macrocosm rather than just our inner microcosm.

Is this subject long overdue for serious examination? I believe so. The reason I feel that this area of the Occult needs to be elaborated upon is that many Occultists have this failing when discussing mind power. They either do not recognize that it exists in the literal sense or they deny mind power's existence in fear of the awesome consequences it harbors for its actions.

While this is a sad attitude to take with such a wonderful form of energy manipulation it should have the doors of consciousness thrown open wide for all to partake in. I tend to believe, no conspiracy theories, that there are those out there who've known about this arcane subject for too long and have made it their mission to keep it tight lipped and doubted. Why? I postulate that these individuals are afraid that the average person could literally throw off their chains and become totally free. With a society that has few leaders and more servants as we have today, that attitude is not at all amazing. Just look at history for examples of those whose wills were liberated and free. Many were persecuted as heretics for bizarre concepts and strange theories while others were outcasts from their societies as dissidents for not following the herd.

I believe that Dr. Christopher Hyatt said it best in his book Pacts With The Devil, where he makes a point that in many societies, (which I believe go back into our own history as well), it was suicidal for an individual to be a free thinker and speak for himself (as a lawyer or politician), choose his own spirituality (be his own priest), &/or to be their own psychologist. To openly proclaim to do these things can get one into trouble as they are not bound by the will of the laws that those in power created rather they are subject to their own will!

Enter Science

The halls of science has helped to confirm the existence of mind power and its tremendous potential for mankind. The body of research confirmed by such greats as the late Dr. J. B. Rhine of Duke University shows that from his experiments alone, there were a number of individuals who were gifted with amazing mind powers.

Dr. Rhine, it will be recalled, was a researcher and scientist, not an Occultist. He worked with the scientific method using double blinds. Today we have modern day para-psychologists who attempt tap into the metaphysical using electronic devices, common sense logic and the scientific method. There are other examples of qualified researchers who've made in-roads into the Occult from a research/scientific approach. And of course if we look to Quantum Physics and the more recent Chaos Theory, we'll find that these too can help affirm our knowledge of the potential of mind power.

Quantum Physics (Quantum Mechanics whichever you prefer), states that all matter is energy. If you stop and consider that though for a brief moment, you'll discover that this includes everything around us including us. What? Yes! You and me. Think hard about that.

The universe is composed of atomic & sub-atomic particles commonly referred to as matter. Matter is what makes up the universe. Since we know that 'all matter is energy' we can safely conclude that we are pure living energy. What comprises our bodies? Cells. Cells are made up of tiny particles of matter or atoms. And we also know that in nuclear physics when an atom is cracked, it gives off a tremendous amount of atomic energy.

Energy. You are living. Guess what? So are your thoughts! No this isn't one of those New Age attempts to get you to think fluffy bunny crap but rather that this concept had better sink through that cranial cavity down into your soft gray matter where you will both accept and use it for you to ever make serious strides in mind power. Consider it a useful belief.

Outside Evidence

Aside from the Occult and scientific communities, the field of Motivation, for want of a better term, is chock full of cases where people have used their own mind power to achieve great things not only for themselves but for the world at large. It seems that we as a group of Occultists tend to overlook the successes of those who are not Occultists or those who are not of an "ancient lineage". If we read in a book that great powers of Lemurians or Atlanteans existed by using their minds alone we become enthralled in that idea to the point of romanticizing it. Yet if we hear about a young, geeky entrepreneur who, having the odds stacked high against his chances for success, grew the greatest computer software empire the world has ever known, we just say it was fate or he had a good idea.

Nonsense! The odds of succeeding, to the level William Gates has, is staggering! Yet we make up silly excuses for his success and reinforce those by calling him an opportunist and yes that's true. He saw an opportunity discovered a way to capture that opportunity and went for it. That's all he did. Let's face it, the man is a nerd... and I've never seen him publicly apologize for it.

His dream/vision (a creation of his mind power) was nurtured thru his own mind power by focusing upon his vision constantly and finally he's reaped the rewards of his vision both monetarily and by self-actualization. And Mr. Gates is only one of the examples out there today.

Look at all of the actors and actresses out there. Many of them are not that good looking in person. Many have little to no talent. Yet many of these same individuals have made comfortable livings and pursued their heart's desire. Consider musicians. I love hard rock & heavy metal music but if you take off the face paint from these performers, including the female musicians, you'll discover that most of them would be considered ordinary by our own standards. But they made it. How? Luck? Perhaps one or two but let's get real, they all had a desire and a vision.


I first stumbled upon the mental concepts of mind power long after I was into the Occult. Using the foundations of Magic, I was able to create spells and rituals to affect not only myself but the world around me. I practiced the meditations, subtlety worked the forces of the elements and evoked Spirits to learn more. My magics were working fine but I was tiring of having to create a new talisman or perform a new ritual every time I needed to make a raise in my own paycheck. Then I discovered a book called The Magic Of Believing by Claude Bristol.

I used to hold a lot of contempt for the 'positive thinking' genre or positive thinker cults as I'd call them because so many of them were Judeo-Christian oriented. Claude Bristol is not like that at all. Actually he was a newspaper editor when and quite wealthy when he died in the late forties and he amassed his wealth thru his own Mind Power. In his book, he details the early experiments he performed as well as sharing some of the more unusual and almost unbelievable anecdotes that unfolded for him as his career in his Mind Power experiments progressed.

On top of this, being in sales, I read virtually everything I can get my hands on concerning sales, self-improvement and mind-body relationships as well as my regular Occult studies. Claude made some interesting claims in his book. In his chapter on The Art Of Mental Pictures on page 105, he says:

"Unquestionably, there are people on this earth who by concentrated thought and by thought alone -- without moving from their offices or making any contacts, personal or otherwise, with other people -- can achieve remarkable things."

He continues in the bottom paragraph with:

"There are metaphysicians and teacher of the occult who claim that a person can sit in his own office and visualize orders pouring on to his desk -- and the orders will quickly materialize; but to accomplish it, the mental picture or thought projection must be definite and unwavering, and that requires great practice and concentration."

When I read this I thought "Wow. Here's something I ought to try!" Now notice Claude said that the thought must be "definite and unwavering" which is the most difficult part. Nevertheless I set out to experiment with these techniques for about two years where I let my candles, oils, herbs and esoteric tools lie dormant. I wanted to see if these methods were as good as my traditional practices of Sorcery. What I found out was that yes indeed these techniques, when properly applied, meaning 'definite and unwavering', were quite effective as my Sorcery spells.

Does this mean that Sorcery is outdated? Hell no! Why? Because our subconscious still loves to play with the tools of Sorcery -- Power Staff, colored and shaped candles, oils & incense, herbs & roots, seals & talismans, etc. Then I combined the practices of mind power with the methods of Sorcery and I obtained what I'd define as big time strides in effectiveness.

I now have added Mr. Bristol's book to the required reading list of my students so that they can add some firepower to their Magical repertoire. Of course it doesn't hurt for the Sorcerer to make use of anything that actually works since the white lighters typically refer to those techniques that gets results as black magic.


Okay so now you're sitting there thinking, 'Bullshit, MOLOCH. I've tried that garbage before and it got me nowhere fast." Really? How hard did you 'try'? How far did you reach? If you don't try to reach beyond your limits, guess what genius? You're never gonna go very far period! This is what separates the sub-average from the average; the average from the stars; and the stars from the superstars! Desire plays a part in it too because if you really don't want it, then your subconscious is not going to be all that helpful in getting it for you. Same thing can be said for lack of BELIEF. You must have the determination and perseverance to see it thru to the end.

You've got to want to excel and reach further. Ever wonder why there are a very small amount of us out there who are on the fringes of Occult research and practices? Because we are reaching. We're not content with the same drivel that the mainstream are producing concerning arcane practices. How many books about the same stuff on creative visualization, meditation, chakras, Wicca, Ceremonial Magicks and other, can you stomach?

Reaching. Goal striving. Wish fulfillment. Call it what you will but this is what makes your mind powers utilize their fullest potential. Desire has to ultimately be in there. We've noted that there are people out there, though lazy as they are, still succeed despite the odds and results. The flea markets and small businesses are full of them. Their mind powers alone must be tremendous! Imagine where'd they be if they combined solid actions in combination with the mind's powers? That's almost too staggering to conceive.

The Mirror Technique

I'm not going to plagiarize Mr. Bristol's book but I will share one simple but highly effective technique that has worked very well for me. His mirror technique is as follows:

"Stand in front of a mirror. It need not be a full length mirror, but it should be of sufficient size so that you may at least see your body from the waist up.... stand fully erect, bring your heels together, pull in your stomach, keep your chest out and your head up... breathe deeply three or four times until you feel a sense of power, strength, and determination.... look into the very depths of your eyes, tell yourself that you are going to get whatever it is you want -- name it aloud so you can see your lips moving and you can hear the words uttered. Make a regular ritual of it, practice doing it at least twice a day, morning and evenings..."

Simple? You bet. Effective? Absolutely! I was amazed at the results the first few times I worked it. I focused on seeing myself as the top dog in my department (I was in collections at the time) and I became so. This is because great researchers such as Napoleon Hill, W.Clement Stone, Dale Carnegie, and Earl Nightingale, found that the formula -- that which you believe becomes so -- was true and none of them knew about the work of the others until much later!

I also envisioned myself as a powerful Sorcerer. Sound silly? Maybe but the fact remains I get results for my clients. They give me gifts in return for spells cast for them to help their health, businesses, social lives, etc.

One word: Belief - not faith as you find in religions which in my eyes is devotion & subjugation to an idea or deity. Your mind is quite powerful to do whatever it is that you wish hard enough for and believe that it will help you to achieve.

Mind power. It is there for the using if you take the chance to use it. Why not try it? What have you got to lose? Time? That slips by regardless of what you do. Money? Nope as this costs you nothing. Hell, you can even get Mr. Bristol's book from the public library or the book on audio tape read by some actor. Either way, if you take the time to study mind power and work with it, and believe that you will succeed then work to reach further, you will attain great things!

Keep the Faith and DO THE WORK!

Brother MOLOCH 9.: 6.: 9.:
Copywrite March 1999 c.e






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