Introduction to Ceremonial Magick

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Lesson 1 -- Why Magick

Lesson 2 -- The Subjectivity of Experience

Lesson 3 -- The Four Worlds

Lesson 4 -- Elements and Forces

Lesson 5 -- Chakras and Meditation

Lesson 6 -- Thoughtforms and Spirits

Lesson 7 -- Basic Ritual

Lesson 8 -- Healing and Banishing

Lesson 9 -- Astral Projection

Lesson 10 -- Cabala

Lesson 11 -- Psychic Energy

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This set of files forms a complete introduction to ceremonial magick. This is the latest version of material which originally appeared as a printed correspondence course from the 'College of Egyptian Mysteries'. I began writing this material in 1974 and have been releasing revisions of it ever since. It was first placed on my bulletin board in electronic form in July 1986, where it has remained until recently when I discovered that a commercial board had it online despite specific restrictions against this. Also, the commercial board had placed their own copyright on the material and was attempting to claim ownership. As a result I have 'pulled' the old files from all authorized boards and am revising and re-issuing them in the present form. This new release also contains a rather emphatic copyright notice for this reason. I have never attempted to make money off of this course material, nor from anything I have ever done in the occult. My intention with this material has always been to distribute it freely.

The course starts at the beginner's level and progresses gradually toward more advanced concepts which include meditation, chakras, the Cabala and basic ritual. Even if you have little interest in the subject here, you may find the first 'lesson' which discusses parapsychology to be worthwhile. I should point out that the material is often revised, and that I will probably be adding additional articles in this series from time to time.

Phil Hansford, April 1988.

Copyright (c) 1988 by Phil Hansford. This article is is licenced for free non-commercial distribution only.




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