Cosmic Laws - Part 1

By Luxamore - IndoTalisman.Com

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These papers on Cosmic laws were compiled years ago by us from various sources for personal use--it was never intended to be published in any form. After careful thought, we decided to include them in this website so that sincere students of metaphysics might benefit from them. It should be understood that most of the titles of the books, the sources from whence the teachings of these laws were taken and later compiled by us have long been forgotten or now inaccessible to us and thus we are unable to give due credit to them. We sincerely apologize for this. Please note that the descriptions of the laws are not wholly our work. We are only responsible for about 70% of those descriptions or interpretations, the rest have been either extracted, copied verbatim (quoted), or revised. As far as we can recall, we are indebted to these various authors for their contribution to this work :

Alice Bailey, The Three Initiates (Kybalion), Bill Whitcomb (The Magician's Companion), and Clark Wilkerson.

This work is thus not solely our own but the result of a collective mind inspired by the Holy Spirit. Praise to God that this is so--as only the Highest Intelligence is fit to receive all praises!


Cosmic laws are the characteristics of the One Universal Mind in operation throughout the whole universe. They are also referred to as Universal laws, for there is no place, dimension, solar system, or galaxy where they do not function or operate as the administrative organ of the Cosmos. Another term for Cosmic laws are the "Laws of Nature." From the standpoint of the average person, the laws of Nature normally refer to physical laws such as the law of gravity. Using or understanding the expression in such a manner is actually narrow and short-sighted, for Nature is more than the flora and fauna, life, or physical expression of the material world. Nature encompasses the visible and invisible realms. Its reality is actually non-physical--which does not imply that it is not real. The effects that the laws of Nature produce in the physical world has its source in the higher dimensions that are invisible to the physical senses. These dimensions are called "archetypal" in occultism. They contain the matrix, or the blueprint of all manifested life-forms and phenomena of Nature. Therefore, each life-form or phenomena that we experience in the physical world has its own archetype, its ideal form from which it would eventually reflect.

When we consider the laws and forces of Nature, we cannot separate them from the beings that embody or personify them, or what in fact is the intelligence of Nature herself. Angels and elementals are the forces of Nature. Cosmic laws are actually the expression of Great Cosmic Intelligences. These beings are identical to Nature, they are one and the same. Without them, we have no phenomena or creation in any worlds or dimensions. Those spirit beings are responsible for the manifold expressions of Nature: the rain, the wind, the flame, the growing tulip, the rainbow, the vibrant colors . . .

It is the mental myopia and ignorance of the reality behind Nature that results in terms such as the "supernatural," "paranormal," and "miracle" as understood in a narrow and limited sense. These terms often carry negative connotations. In the proper context, and in contrary to the above, the mystic sees everything as natural and normal. Miracles only exist to those who are ignorant of the Cosmic laws underlying their manifestation. In actuality, the mystic recognizes nothing supernormal, paranormal, abnormal, or subnormal. This is because the conscious awareness of the mystic or advanced metaphysician is more expansive and transcendent than the average person and realizes that everything has its place in the scheme of things, and that human criteria for evaluating and judging the various expressions of Nature are arbitrary and flawed from the spiritual point of view. The mystical consciousness embraces the higher dimensions and its spiritual values, and is above the warped sense of interpretative and theological morality that characterizes most precepts of our present-day religions and cultures. Advanced mystics are aware that Life and Truth are not confined solely to this physical realm and planet, or the word of God to any book, prophet, or religion, for that would be limiting the power of God--one is hardly aware that one is limiting God by conceptualization and maintaining unproven beliefs. It is presumptuous on the part of puny mortals.

Although some Cosmic laws may specifically apply and be confined to certain dimensions, the laws in themselves are living potentials in every dimension. They exist in the Mind or Beingness of God as His/Her very Life; and as such, Cosmic laws are immutable. They are unchangeable, not by any being, and not by the Cosmic (God) Itself. We may think that nothing is impossible to God. Pertaining to the expressions of life, this is true; however, there is one thing impossible for the Cosmic: the Cosmic is unable to change its very nature, the laws of its being, for to do so would indicate Its Reality to be ephemeral and non-eternal. This is not a question of "won't" on the part of the Cosmic; the Cosmic simply cannot mutate what It Is, accept for its manifestations in the worlds of relativity, the worlds of illusions or "maya" as sensed by man. Metaphysicians know that from the absolute point of view, there is nothing that is eternal or constant in the whole universe accept for the Essence or Source of All that we call God. Keep in mind that what we call Cosmic laws are merely the nature and behavior of the one Universal Being expressing through Its many facets.

Cosmic laws may be classified according to the dimension in which they operate. There are certain laws functioning specifically in the mental realm, the astral realm, or in the physical realm--although this classification is arbitrarily made by the human mind and not real in the Universal Mind; for every division, realm, world or dimension is but an illusion from the Cosmic point of view. Every manifested thing, from atom to solar system is but a thought in God's Mind. To explain the fact that one law may not be applicable in all realms let us but mention the Law of Reincarnation which is a law not in operation in the higher Archetypal or Causal dimensions, but solely in the lower realms.

Everything is governed and controlled by Cosmic laws. These laws are always working whether we are conscious of them or not. The more we know of these laws, the more we will understand ourselves and all life. In the physical realm, Cosmic laws are usually known by their effects. The laws and causes of those effects are unseen, having their origin in higher dimensions. By knowing the causes of those effects, by tracing the causation of life's manifold manifestation, we may begin to learn the nature of certain Cosmic laws and learn to abide by them and even applying or tapping them for our own benefit. By so doing we may overcome or avoid the many unnecessary, excessive hardships and struggles in life. We, in fact, become the co-creators of God, a master of life. By knowing, understanding, and applying Cosmic laws in a positive, constructive, and creative manner we automatically promote our spiritual growth and evolution. Knowing the cause of our problems by understanding the Cosmic laws and principles involved, we learn to take proper control and direction of our lives. Suffering is thus eliminated, and peace, health, abundance, and prosperity are attained. A master of the laws is a master-magus, an adept.

All of the laws of the Cosmic are interrelated; invoke one and you invoke many others. Several of the Cosmic laws have sub-laws; and although Cosmic laws cannot be changed or destroyed, the sub-laws of their parent Cosmic law, or any one law, may be neutralized, superseded, or transcended by a higher law. For instance, the Law of Karma may be transcended by the Law of Grace or Mercy. Let us translate this into practical terms: supposing we were to hurt someone; that person may seek to avenge his hurt, for the Law of Karma is technically, a law of cause and effect, or consequence. We caused someone to be in pain, and the effect may be that the person may retaliate in anger. Now supposing we were to sincerely apologize to that person and then compensate in some way; that person might decide to forgive us. What happens then is that the Law of Grace takes over and the harsh lesson of harmlessness that the Law of Karma might wish to teach us would no longer be necessary. This illustrates in a simple way how a Cosmic law may be transcended or neutralized by another law.

It is important to know the difference between Cosmic laws and principles as related to metaphysics, and as used by us. Cosmic laws are an integral part of Nature, whereas principles are ways and means of operating and applying those laws. Principles illustrates how a law functions, behaves, and operates. Principles may also be defined as methods or rules of applying Cosmic laws developed by man. Principles are guidelines concerning the nature of a law. Man may devise or discover principles but he does not create Cosmic laws. Sometimes the term "principle" is used to refer to the various components within the microcosm. In our teachings we often use the word in such a sense. Other metaphysical teachers may have their own interpretation or understanding of the terms "law" and "principle."

In this and succeeding chapters we will present a list of some of the Cosmic laws known to us that are relevant to metaphysical theory and practice. It must be kept in mind that although metaphysicians know that these laws exist and have arbitrarily designated them with names, not all of these laws are properly understood as yet. Although the laws may be called by various appellations, the importance is the law itself and not the label. It should be known that some of the laws may appear to contradict one another. This is, however, illusory and not real. Seeming contradictions may be the result of faulty representations or interpetation of the laws on our part as occult teacher or erroneous comprehension on the part of the student-disciple. We do not pretend to totally understand the laws ourselves, for there is much that we too personally do not know. Therefore, the metaphysical student should not accept everything that any Guru has to teach (including us) as gospel. Always refer to the inner teacher. What is revealed in this book should be considered as guidelines for your own research, study, and application.

In order to fathom or probe the nature of Cosmic laws, or to prove their reality, it would take intense meditation, contemplation, and experimentation upon them. Through such methods we would intuitively and empirically understand them and even be inspired by higher sources to do research into the right channels in order to fully grasp their fundamentals. Most of the time acquiring metaphysical knowledge is dependent upon revelation from the Mind of God and the Divine Beings. It does not always depend upon the rational mind of man which is limited in its scope of functioning. Many inventors will testify to this. It is important to meditate and ponder upon the laws to discover their modes of operation, the methods of their application, and their value and relevance in our mundane world.

Whenever you come across psychic phenomena or magical processes that you do not understand, please refer to these laws. For they contain the keys to your comprehension of the Cosmos. We have often heard the phrase, "only God knows." Well, understanding Cosmic laws you will gradually come to know too. When the mind of man is attuned to the Mind of God, all that God knows, man may come to know too--to a certain degree; as sacrilegious as this may sound, it is true; for God has ordained it when he made man in his image, in his likeness. This "knowing" is the hidden key (Daath) of the Qabalistic "Tree of Life."

Cosmic laws help to explain the so-called inexplicable; however, should you experience or come across any phenomena and not find an answer in any of the laws expounded, suspect that there is an "X" factor, or in other words, an unknown law involved that awaits to be discovered, identified, experimented, classified, and tabulated. Also keep in mind that although we have done our best to compile these known Cosmic laws from various sources, it is possible for some Cosmic laws already known and revealed to man to have escaped our attention in our compilation. Perhaps in future papers we will elaborate upon the laws and apply them for metaphysical purposes.

We stress the importance for the metaphysical student to apprehend Cosmic laws. Through the right understanding and application of these laws we become a master of life and we promote our spiritual growth. Those who are ignorant of Cosmic laws simply go through life lamenting their "fate" which no being, God or otherwise has predetermined except for those individuals themselves, whether consciously or unconsciously. Humanity as a whole has a collective destiny determined by God at certain stages of its evolutionary growth. When it comes to personal destiny, its creation lies a great deal within our own hands. It is the gift and the Law of the "Freedom of Choice" that enables us to align ourselves with Cosmic laws if we will and experience "heaven" and all that it represents, or oppose it and find ourselves in a hell of our own making.

When counseling or healing clients of their spiritual, mental, emotional or physical problems, it is a standard procedure for a metaphysician to take recourse to these Cosmic laws to see which of them the client is violating or out of harmony with and is causing them some problems; or whether any of these laws may be taught to them that they may apply them for their own benefit in healing their mundane troubles. Basically, in metaphysical healing, the main objective is to heal the client's negative attitude towards life and their erroneous way of thinking coupled with patterns of retrogressive thought and feeling established in their subconscious minds; for it is there, in a large percentage of cases, where the cause and source of their problem lies, no matter what the external manifestation of their problem may be.

Ignorance or denial of Cosmic laws do not abrogate their existence. Mortal beliefs concerning them do not change their nature one iota. For instance, the non-belief in the Law of Gravity does not affect its being, or to cause it to be non-existent. Cosmic laws continue to exist and to function no matter what man knows or believes about them. The Law of Gravity has existed long before its discovery, and it will continue to exist long after man has forgotten about it.

Like our illustration above of the Law of Gravity, the same can be said of the other laws; for instance, the controversial subject of reincarnation. Arguments based on mortal, biased interpretations of Holy Scriptures may come forward denying its reality, and yet, such arguments mean nothing to the law. The law continues to exist. Human opinions have no power to influence the existence of Cosmic laws.

In some cases, Cosmic laws may also be referred to as the laws of the Soul, for the Soul as it progresses become aware of these laws and is obedient to them. Not all of these laws are yet clearly defined, nor have they all precipitated as yet into human awareness; however, the effort to stand consciously and steadfastly in the light of one's divine being causes these laws to come into active play, and one's awareness of them grows and grows. Cosmic laws have metaphysical value. Their application allows the metaphysician to perform theurgical (divine) and thaumaturgical (magical) operations. There are many laws not for public distribution for not only are they beyond the comprehension of most individuals, they also confer a higher degree of power in their application--power that undeveloped people tend to misuse. But enough of this for now. Below and in the following papers of this series we will present some of the Cosmic laws as metaphysicians have known them.


The Law of Karma
This is the law of cause and effect, the law of "as ye sow so shall ye reap." Whatever we put into motion with our thoughts, words and deeds have their effects and consequences, and they always rebound back to us. Positive causes results in positive effects, negative causes in negative effects; however, in truth there is no such thing as bad or good Karma--the law does not have an inherent moral standard or judgement. All judgments are human based. The Law of Karma like all Cosmic laws are neutral and impersonal. Karma is not punitive. It does not punish. It is there to help all beings to evolve. It is educative in nature and is the task-master that sometimes make us learn harsh lessons. So-called luck in the result of the good causes we put into motion; misfortune and bad luck, otherwise called "sengkolo" by Javanese mystics is the effect of negative causes that we create. "Chance," "coincidence," or "accident" are also but names of the functions of the unrecognized influence of the Law of Karma working in conjunction with the Law of Synchronicity.

The Law of Karma is sometimes referred to as the "Law of the Boomerang," for what we put out into the universe, returns to us, whether instantly, in later life, or in later lifetimes. However, one must keep in mind that the influence of Karma may be changed, modified or neutralized, or its weight lightened through the appropriate measures and means. The Law of Karma may be applied in our everyday lives for beneficial results that we seek, especially in the realm of mentalism. For instance, positive thoughts and feelings have an effect of improving the physical body's integrity and wholeness.

In metaphysics, sin is a non-entity, a non-reality. It is not a Cosmic law or principle. It is simply a mistake that one makes--as the root meaning implies--and one does learn and grow through mistakes. Sin, in reality, does not govern men's lives--Karma does, but it is in our province to work with Karma and the Law of Grace instead of against them to wipe away any stain upon our souls. Sin is a feeling of guilt conditioned by religious dogmatic precepts. It is self-imposed by our beliefs and not by any Cosmic law. Having its birth in the human mind, sin, is not considered by metaphysicians as a Cosmic law, but as a conditioned pattern of thought. It has no real existence. One should, however, not misinterpret this to mean that one is free to constantly make mistakes and not suffer therefrom. For one is never free from the Law of Karma, from the consequences of the mistakes that one makes unless one invokes a higher law--one can only work with the Law to avoid or alleviate suffering, and grow through one's mistakes. Though God and Man may forgive one for mistakes made, still compensation in some form ought to be expressed and thus satisfy the Law of Balance.

The Law of Grace or Mercy
When overwhelmed by one's negative karmic effects, it is possible to invoke the Grace of God to lighten our burdens by withholding them temporary from manifestation so that we may regain our soul-composure. Such karma may be released at a later date by the Divine Intelligences presiding over the karma of this planetary scheme, at a time when we are definitely ready to face them. In some cases, the Law of Grace may neutralize one's negative karma.